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Toddler bedroom makeover

I’ve been wanting to write up BiP’s big girl bedroom makeover for months!

We moved her into her big girls’s room on her 2nd birthday – I had a very simple brief for her room. It had to be:

  1. Child friendly (Montessori inspired) and fun
  2. Done on a budget
  3. Something she could grow into and easily modified
Find out how I went from THIS:
BiPs bedroom before
BIPS toddler room makeover


how to repaint expedit-shelving-unitWe’ve had this bookcase for years – it was all scratched and was gathering dust in the corner – flip it on it’s side and suddenly you have a toddler friendly shelving unit that’s perfect for fabric boxes (available in IKEA) which were less than €3/$4) each and very cute colours! The only issue was the colour of the scratched bookcase – it was too dark.

How to repaint an IKEA Expedit Bookcase

I didn’t know it was even possible to repaint IKEA furniture until I went to the local paint shop. STEP 1 – Lightly sand every surface (a bit of a pain but don’t miss this step) STEP 2 – Using a roller apply primer (in the case of this book case I needed 2 coats) repainting expedit bookcase primer STEP 3– Paint on any paint colour you desire! I chose hot pink for BiP!

ikea expedit bookcase repainted

Fabric boxes in Pink, Green and Black were very in this season!

I was stunned at the results and BiP LOVES it!

Other bits and pieces!

Repainting the IKEA TROFAST Storage unit

I did repaint BiP’s IKEA TROFAST Storage unit – initially I spray painted and the results were horrible. I then repeated the steps I did for the EXPEDIT bookcase and it was fine.


I did repaint the walls as they were dark dusty lavender and MATT paint (NOT advised for a child’s room). So I went for white satin paint which was washable. Note, this took 3 coats as the walls were so dark to start with:










I did eventually get to the ceiling!

For fun I decided to paint a blackboard on to BiP’s wall and use some old wall stickers to decorate it. The paint is also magnetic which is LOTS of fun!









I bought some cheap bits and pieces from IKEA that went with the colour scheme and VOILA! A new big girl’s room!


BIPS toddler room makeover

The most expensive stuff was the paint but obviously saved a lot by redoing the furniture we already had!

Thank you to Mum of All Trades who pushed me to write this up and link it up to her linky on organising toys (join in HERE)!

Image Credit IKEA – rest of the images are mine!