Potty Power – My Favourite ECing Tools!

It’s no secret that I love Elimination Communication – I was so excited today when I read Emily’s post on how she had stated her ECing journey with her gorgeous 5 month old baby girl ! It made me think about our ECing adventure and how it has taken leaps and bounds over the last… Continue Reading

Elimination Communication for Everyone

I have to admit that I am obsessed with Elimination Communication (EC). It is an ancient practice of natural infant hygiene – sometimes called  infant potty training or potty whispering I prefer just to call it ECing.  Many people find the concept interesting, perhaps wacky and ultimately don’t even bother trying it because it seems like hard… Continue Reading

A Diaper Free Baby in Provence

“You baby pees where?! ” “She goes in the potty, just a few times a day, sometimes more” I reply, ensuring my French is correct “But she is only 8 months old! ” “Well, that is not very French!” … where have I heard that before?! I sometimes wonder why I bother telling people how… Continue Reading

Who said you can't potty train at 3 months?

I stumbled upon Elimination Communication when I was pregnant – its an interesting concept that pre-dates diaper’s/nappies and all the debates of today that go with it. Ironically it is Elimination Communication that is now considered to be the controversial stance as far as infant hygiene is concerned. Described as a toilet training practice, “Elimination communication (EC)… Continue Reading