Jamie in Dubai needs to come home to France

July 2017, Charles, a British Citizen, (father of 3 british & french children), the father of Jamie & T snatched them from a lawn in the UK, leaving 2 year old E behind. By the time the authorities were notified and travel bans were put in place the boys had reached Dubai. At the end of the holiday T was returned to France, but not Jamie. Despite repeated attempts to contact Jamie, Charles (the father) has blocked them – he has since created a smear campaign to (weakly) attempt to frame the mother to be a villain. Jamie is a victim of extreme parental alienation thanks to his father’s manipulation – he no longer knows what is right and as long as the shelter in Dubai allows his father ungranted access he’ll never be able to figure it out.

The reality is, is that Jamie SHOULD be with his siblings and his mother. The court says so. Nature says so. Taking Jamie away from him siblings is detrimental to not only his wellbeing but the health of his brother and sister.

Jamie’s mother has a court order proving that she has custody and the right of custody of Jamie – yet his father just abandons him in a waiting room as to not to be arrested for the crimes he already committed – he knows that he’s already manipulated Jamie mentally, he knows that he’s gained the loyalty of this young boy and totally alienated him from his mother and siblings….. for what gain? Jamie’s mother has full custody of all 3 of her children, including Jamie! Yet it’s been 18 months since she’s held her son. She’s a loving, kind and sweet mother and the courts have granted her custody – (I’m going to butt in and say that the mother is amazing – she’s at her whit’s end because she has 2 other children who need her) …. HELP bring Jamie Back!!!!

The father: Charles already has arrest warrants against him in France, and he refuses to enter the country – why? If he’s done no wrong … Yet he fails to mention WHY he is banned from returning to France.  He has two other children who he does not see and pays ZERO maintenance towards. This is disgusting.

Please help bring Jamie home to a mother and a family that loves him.

Please sign the petition: http://bit.ly/2E25HZW

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I’m endorsing this campaign because I know it to be the truth.

This opposing party has gained a lot of support based on lies so I’m counting on you to share the truth!

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