Who is MiP?

Mummy in Provence and BiPHi! I’m Ameena Gorton- AKA MummyinProvence, mummy to BabyinProvence (BiP) who is an April 2010 baby.

We live in the South of France but I’m not French. I don’t really know where I am from! I’m half English and half Egyptian, I was born in Dubai and I’ve lived all over the world. I guess I am a real Third Culture Kid (TCK) so I’m not sure what that makes BiP!

I’m an expat at heart, Montessori mama, a Marketing Consultant and a single mother figuring it all out in a foreign country in a different language!

Why did I start Mummy in Provence?

When I got pregnant my French wasn’t great so I started to read, a lot. I’ve never been one to follow things blindly so when it came to my most important project to date (my daughter) I felt it was important to research and question. A few months after BiP was born the I started this blog.  I enjoy sharing tips on what we are doing especially as I have  found my journey to be quite isolating with the language barrier and the huge cultural differences in France.

If I had a dollar for every person who remarked “Oh! That’s not very French!” when I talk about breastfeeding past 3 months, Elimination Communication (talk to us on twitter #ECchat) and Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) I’d be a rich Mummy!

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