Cookie Policy

Like every blog that uses social networking buttons and has comments and analytics enabled, this blog uses cookies.

Since May 2012 there has been an EU ruling that requires every site in Europe to make sure that their visitors know that cookies are being used.

What are cookies?

Cookies are super cool things that practically every website uses to usually enhance your experience.
It’s ok, these cookies do not collect your personal information.

The cookies used on this site are for the following reasons:

  • To help you share the content on social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc)
  • To help fill in information you’ve left before in the past to make it easier for you to comment again
  • To let me see what my traffic stats are (analytics)
  • To allow my affiliate links to work so my partners know the visitor came from me.

In all honesty, most of the sites you visit use cookies and you probably don’t even know. If you are ok with this cookie policy you don’t have to do a thing – carry one as you have in the past.

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