Why my daughter’s photo is now online

When BiP was born it was decided that she would remain anonymous to the outside world. She was given the pseudonym of BiP (Baby in Provence) – she’s been anonymous for almost 9 years. BiP is Ziva. For a couple of years Ziva has wanted her own YouTube channel where she wanted to do bilingual… Continue Reading

A Unique Gift: Modern Map Art

BiP recently received a customised star map with her name, birth date, GPS coordinates of her birth place and a star map! The print is really stunning and is printed on nice thick paper! Can’t wait to get it framed! BiP was fascinated by HER star map. Modern Map Art is a great gift idea… Continue Reading

Confessions of first time mother: Body Image

Today was an event! I got back into some pre-pregnancy clothes (admittedly stretchy ones as I am still a little way off my pre-pregnancy weight)! It made me think about how depressed I have been about by body since giving birth 11 months ago – I am by no means happy with my reflection now… Continue Reading

Having a Baby Abroad – Global Differences Series: THAILAND

This week I talk to Francine who is Filipino and has 2 children, 1 of which, was born in Thailand as part of the series The Global Differences of Baby-Making. Here is her story: Tell me a bit about yourself? Where are you from? How old are your children and where did you have them? My name is Francine. I… Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Around My World

Mother’s day is always a challenge for me! Which one do I celebrate? A few years ago I posted a letter from her to me – an amusing projection from my side – but you can read it here! My Mummy is Egyptian, I was born in Dubai, I am half English, living in France, and I have… Continue Reading