Work with me

I’m a Marketing Consultant who happens to also be a mummy. (check out my marketing site here)

If you are a small business owner or looking to start a business talk to me.

Starting your own business is an exciting experience. It can be daunting and isolating. Having a like-minded person to bounce ideas with, guide and mentor you will help focus your efforts and see results come to fruition.

How can I help you?

  • Establish your brand personality and business goal
  • Define a marketing strategy which is fresh and focussed and doesn’t put your audience to sleep
  • Give an artistic flair to your online marketing tactics
  • Help you price your services and packages for what they are truly worth
  • Grow your online personal brand so that you become a leader in your area of expertise

Turning traditional concepts on their head and adding a creative flair or spin to them is what keeps me going. All too often marketing concepts can be so dull and boring. I’m impatient by nature yet meticulous. I hate waiting. My approach to a blank page is the same way I approach I blank canvas

Here is some more info about what I do

Send me a message and see how I can help you