Global Differences of Baby-Making

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Welcome to the series The Global Differences of Baby-Making!

Having a baby abroad is an exciting experience. It is also a daunting one for some.

As an expat who had a baby abroad the cultural differences have been fascinating. Being a new mother is a challenging enough experience when you are in your home country. Having a baby abroad, in a foreign country, takes the challenges to a new level.

Attitudes towards pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing vary tremendously.

If you are like me, you will find that some of your methods are criticised, scrutinised and questioned.

“Well, that’s not very French!” and “That’s not how it’s done in France!” and “You want to do what? Oh no no no, that is because you are English” before you jump to any conclusions this is not a raunchy blog post about the art of baby making in France … well, maybe it is, but its nothing to do with sex. Sorry.

Language barriers, different practices, unusual methods, prejudices and often, isolation are emotions that ring true for many mothers … the trick is finding your feet, a big smile and, if you are really brave, a superb retort!

This series presents women from all over the world who have had their babies in a foreign countries. The countries may be repeated but the stories are always different.

The Global Differences of Baby-Making features stories from all over the world and there is room for yours.

Please complete the form below if you’d like to have your story featured – all the questions can be found HERE!.




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