Inspire your kids with these lovely DIY gift ideas

Parents love receiving handmade gifts from their children. It doesn’t matter if they have drawn a picture for you or presented you with a bunch of your prize roses from the garden – it is the thought that counts.

UntitledChildren also love to give their mom and dad gifts and they like to make things themselves. Cutting and pasting, drawing and colouring all help your children to learn, work with their hands and to be creative.

If the gift is also useful and your children will see you using their gift, then that is even better. Thinking up gifts that actually have a purpose however, can be brain-racking. So here are 6 easy and very affordable ideas that should inspire the creative streak in your children and help you out of a tight spot.

1. Creative aprons: Every mom or dad needs a handy apron for the kitchen and one that can be hand painted and personalised is a gift that will be treasured. Check out the range of affordable aprons from and then help your child design a wonderful, creative gift as a birthday or Christmas present.

2. Personalised coffee mugs: This idea is so easy, because all you need to do is buy some white mugs from the dollar store and some ceramic paints. Then let your child create a beautiful design on the mug for mom, dad, grandparents or siblings as a gift.

3. Key chains: Pop into your local craft shop and you will find all of the ingredients to make simple, beaded keychains that are useful and fun. Your kids will love making them and will feel a little buzz every time they see their keychains being used.

4. Handmade coasters: Buy some plain white ceramic tiles, a piece of felt, glue and chalk paint. Paint the tiles with the chalk paint, then glue the felt to the backs for protection, add some pretty buttons or sparkles to the corners and then let your children write a message on the front – your kids will have great fun with these gifts.

5. Message pillowcases: Purchase a plain cotton pillowcase and slide a piece of cardboard inside so your children can easily write on the pillow case. Then using a pencil your child can write a lovely heart-warming message, which you can trace over with a felt marker. They can also add little hearts or other decorative elements to the design. Set the marker (read the instructions with the marker pen), then wash and iron your child’s gift.

6. Flower crowns: You and your kids will need floral wire, floral tape, and flowers which you can pick in your garden. If you don’t have a garden, you can also buy bouquets from supermarkets or order flowers from online florists like Fresh Flowers. Guide your kids to form the floral wire in to a circular shape to make a loose crown around the head and then cover the wire with several layers of floral tape. Cover the wire by taping pretty leaves and stems, this will act as the base of the crown. Next, attach your selected flowers (with long enough stems) by taping them to the base. Let your kids add flowers to as much or as little of the rest of the crown as they like.

There is nothing better than receiving a handmade gift from your children and these 6 ideas are all very affordable and easy to make.


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