Diaper Free Oops!

Now the weather is warmer in Provence I have decided to let BiP spend a lot of her days diaper free.

However, I’ve been missing a few of her signs to go to the potty which are pretty obvious; she walks over to me and starts fussing, a minute later she pee’s.

Elimination Communication MishapI got it this time when she peed on her feet and my shoe! Thankfully I have tiled floors but still! Guess this is could be filed under When ECing Backfires!

What are your recent diaper free oops’?


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  1. yes…we have a lot of wet socks over here too…

    and wet mommy when baby needs nursies during naked bum time!

    i hate to admit that twice this week my little guy pooped while diaperless and one time he picked it up to investigate!!!! i had to laugh while i ran him to the tub….

    • mummyinprovence says:

      ahahah! Luckily I’ve never been pooped on … famous last words eh? Even with the mishaps I do love diaper free time!

      • I have to admit, I got pooped on when both were in disposables only. 🙂 We have not done naked time here lately though since it was so cold but that will soon change.

        • mummyinprovence says:

          It’ll warm up soon and diaper free time will back on the schedule!! 🙂

  2. We don’t really do naked time much. If I do, it’s after he’s peed a lot on the potty. He has peed straight out of the potty and onto the floor though – today he went on Grandma’s rug!

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Hahaaha! Grandma’s rug is a personal favourite here too!

  3. We tried diaper-free time today, only because baby was rolling and squirming every time I tried to put diaper on him and he seemed happy without it. And he peed on my jeans! I changed immediately and within 10 minutes he peed again on me LOL!

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Ahhh the joys of diaper free time! It does happen but it does get less frequent!

  4. Well… I just posted about our Diaper Free Oops tonight.

    Let’s just say that progress comes at a price.

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