Making clothes more EC friendly!

Do you have a lot of bodies that you don’t put your baby in because they are pain to EC with? I know I am sick of having to deal with the snaps and make sure they don’t dangle into the potty.

Collection of lovely new bodies which are totally EC unfriendly!

The few times that BiP has peed on the bit that fell down into the potty were enough to make me reconsider using them at all – not to mention the issue of having to whip off the leggings, then undo the snaps then get the diaper off … you get the picture!  Problem is some of the bodies are so cute! A lot of sets come with matching bodies so it seems a shame to wear them.  So, I decided it was time to get creative!

I don’t consider myself to be very crafty at all. I can sew if I have to but I certainly do not enjoy sewing hems and I don’t know how to use a sewing machine! Here is one way to make your baby bodies more EC friendly and without a needle and thread in sight!

What do you need: A pair of scissors, some wonder web and an iron. Yes! That’s all!

Step One: Cut the bottom of the bodies off just above the seams for the legs so you have enough space to put a hem. Throw the bottoms away.

Cut the bottoms off


Step Two: Turn the body, now, t-shirt, inside out. Fold the bottom to make a hem. Iron in a crease. Lay wonderweb and then apply heat so the fabric sticks together making a nice tidy hem! Done!


Done!! All the tools you need (iron not featured)



Not bad ... almost perfect hems!


That’s my tip! How do you make your baby clothes more EC friendly?

14 thoughts on “Making clothes more EC friendly!

  1. emma.

    Before I put baby on the potty I snap together a front snap and a back snap around her tummy so that everything is held up and doesn’t dangle into the bowl. So far it’s worked perfectly! 🙂 I love your idea, too!

    1. mummyinprovence Post author

      That’s a great idea Emma! I’m sure others will find that useful! I chopped off all the snaps this week!

  2. Janine

    So cute that you call them bodies! Hehe. We just roll them up and at this point I am not buying any more with snaps, just t-shirts instead. I feel like he’s too big for onesies at this point anyway. 🙂

    1. mummyinprovence Post author

      That’s a onesie? Oh wow – I thought I had my American – English lingo sorted! Clearly not … it’s Body in English and French … wow, my vocabulary is messed up!

      I’m only buying t-shirts and dresses now – just didn’t have the heart to throw out these BODIES 🙂

      (BTW – I saw bodies/onesies for 3 year olds the other day *gag*)

      1. Janine

        I got some hand-me-down clothes that had 18-month bodies and I just shook my head. It’s sort of like older babies sucking on dummies, sort of rubs me the wrong way.

        P.S. We do NOT call pacifiers dummies (dummys?) here. We call them binkies but I hate that so I am going with dummy! I think I like it because I think they are DUMB. Haha.

  3. Amanda

    I’ve thought of doing something similar many times. What do you do about the people who insist that bangles bellies need to be covered?

    1. mummyinprovence Post author

      Oh yes, bellies MUST be covered … same as feet huh? Luckily in France most people I come across roll their eyes, tell me how I am going to kill my child etc etc … I just nod and carry on. I just ignore it!

      These t-shirts are pretty long TBH – you can tuck them in if belly must be covered!

  4. Susana

    What a great idea! We don’t EC and I’m also fed up with snap onesies and snap pajamas. Just yesterday it took over an hour to snap my little one’s pajamas b/c he kept crawling away from me! yes, funny, but frustrating when you’ve got other things to do before going to bed. I wish I had time to cut and hem all the onesies though! lol

    1. mummyinprovence Post author

      Thanks – I found it so annoying that I had all these lovely onesies that BiP wasn’t wearing! I have to admit I cut a bunch of them and then only hemmed a couple …! The frayed bottom is ok for around the house and under jumpers!

  5. Suzie

    Ameena, this is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ita

    I have a serger (overlock machine).
    I have serged off the bottom part of some of our onesies, often without even cutting a straight line first. It’s quick and who will really notice or care?

    The problem is, I was afraid to destroy all our baby clothes because I wasn’t really sure if I would EC the next one too. So there were many outfits (hand me downs from his brothers) that he never even wore!

  7. Courtney

    I love this idea because I dislike onesies, problem is that the cut off onesie is often too short. I rather like to sew on some extra fabric…like the bottom of an older shirt with hem intact. Also, the snaps from onesies can be saved and used to make cloth pads for mama.


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