Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Searching for Supermum


Let’s see if I can get this out coherently.

I’ve always told my friends that there is no point trying to be supermum, because we are all super. Damn, we made babies inside our bodies – if that’s not a super power, well what the hell is? Really?

The thing is right now is that I’m beating myself up because I can’t do it all.

Yes, I have given up having sparkling floors, and well, the dishes can wait. I’ve even discovered a laundry mountain for the first time in my life. Even letting these things go so I can do more with BiP I still feel out of control.

I want to work, I have to work, I want to be there for BiP, I want to be an amazing wife, an awesome friend, I want to be me.

Guess that’s the issue. After running round trying to please everyone (and not always succeeding) I stop and think, umm, what do I want to do?

When I do grab a few hours to myself I run around doing errands, or working, I’ve forgotten how to have ME time. What did I used to do before I had BiP? It sounds so ridiculous.

Latest “me” time was spent getting waxed … so I could take BiP swimming, hardly relaxing or enjoyable – and off topic, but WHY is there still no permanent solution to hair removal? They can transplant hearts but they can’t remove hair forever?

It’s not the first time I have felt like this, and I know it’s not the last.

I know Supermum doesn’t exist because we are all super.


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12 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Searching for Supermum

  1. Robbie

    I definitely need to figure out a way to stop putting myself last every single time!

    Stopping by for SOC

    1. Ameena Falchetto Post author

      When you figure it out let me know!!!

  2. Catherine

    Somebody once told me being a mum is learning to put yourself last all the time. Learning?! Uh, no, it’s an automatic reaction as soon as that little person pops out. I reckon it’s what differentiates Mums from Dads ;o).
    The counsellor I see for PND says you ‘always need to make sure there’s some left in the tank for you’. Whether refilling the tank is a massage, a night out, a glass of wine and a good book… as long as it’s for you and just you.
    My laundry pile just grew by about a foot, Will’s toys are all over the floor, the dinner stuff is still in the sink. Did I spend enough quality time with them today though? I so hear you!

    1. Ameena Falchetto Post author

      Your comment made me laugh – yes – “learning” to put ourselves last … thanks for sharing, makes me feel a lot better!

  3. Rachel

    We’ve just had a week of illness in my house. I’ve mostly been holding my toddler. No work getting done, have had to order take out twice and our bathrooms are in dire need of a clean.

    The whole supermum idea is a fallacy. The women I know that ‘do it all’ cut out some area of their life. They outsource something, don’t get enough sleep and rarely seem to be in the moment and enjoying themselves.

    When my son finally napped on his own for an hour I didn’t clean bathrooms or prepare dinner – I read a book. No supermum here.

    1. Ameena Falchetto Post author

      Hope everyone is feeling better – reading a book? Now that’s a lovely idea!

  4. Fadra

    Good news. You CAN have hair permanently removed. You need 4-6 laser treatments and here it costs about $100 per treatment.

    I know that was off topic but I thought I’d let you know. There was another blogger who also wrote about me time during waxing. I think for mothers, me time for now is time when we are alone with our thoughts. It’s the reason my quick shower in the morning is often a 30 minute bath. I need that time!!

    1. Ameena Falchetto Post author

      ha, yeah I know about laser but some friends have said that they’ve done it only for it all to come back … I am sure there is a conspiracy to keep the secret treatment off the market so salons and companies like Veet and Gilette stay in business …

      LONG showers … yes to that!

  5. Dominique

    No supermom here but am trying my best to optimize the time I get when the baby naps in the afternoon – reading blogs, doing up posts.
    I’m sure you will find a schedule that works for you.

    1. Ameena Falchetto Post author

      Thanks … 🙂 21m on and I’m still not getting the me time thing … time I did it!

  6. Maureen | Tatter Scoops

    We are all super!
    Your post makes me giggles because man I hate waxing. Tried it once and it hurts so much I just couldn’t drag myself back for the second time. Having me time is what we all need even if it’s just to recharge for 30 minutes.

    1. Ameena Falchetto Post author

      LOL – it does get easier! hahaha … Yeah am recharging at the moment by playing on Pinterest! LOL!


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