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BiPs Mothers Day Letter to ME!

It’s not actually Mother’s Day in France until the 29th May this year (the French HAVE to be different!) but I thought I’d wish all the Mummy’s around the world who are celebrating today a VERY Happy Mother’s Day!


Isn't Motherhood SO Glam?

Dear Mummy,

On Mother’s Day I wanted to thank you mainly for the unlimited boobie you have provided for the last 377 days (yes I am counting). I’d also like to let you know that, even though you hate your belly I love it, it’s squishy and comfy, it’s the perfect place for me to hang out during boobie time.

Thanks for the great stuff you have bought me over the last year – I know I only have them because you wanted them. The toys are great but I actually prefer the wooden spoons, your socks and the toilet roll.  My room is lovely and coordinated but seriously? A cardboard box would have probably worked just as well. Maybe you could have saved that money and started a trust fund instead? I don’t know if universities accept complete collections of Fisher Price toys in exchange for tuition.

I’ve had the delight of sampling culinary delicacies such as venison and octopus which is cool – good you took photo’s to mark the event because I WILL be eating pizza’s and chicken nuggets like the rest of my friends by the time I am 4 (I don’t want to be teased for eating weird things!).

Thank you for taking the time to assume what I am thinking and put into words. You will not really know what I think for another 12 years and THEN I’ll let you know, loud and clear!

Happy Mummy’s Day!

Love, Baby in Provence (BiP)


Obviously BiP didn’t write this … she is only 377 days old (1 year and a bit) … I will ask her in a few years what she’d really like to say … Until then, Happy Mummy’s Day!