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Breast milk ice cream? What about the Milk Banks?

An ice cream parlour in the heart of Covent Garden, London, has just launched its latest ice cream called “Baby Gaga” made from breast milk. Whilst Milk Banks around the country, and the world, are begging for breast milk donations 15 women have already signed up to be part of this bizarre gastronomic creation.

Milk banks rely solely on donations from women who have been blessed with over-supply. Breast milk is vital for premature and sick babies who cannot tolerate man-made alternatives. Some mothers are too ill or too stressed to provide milk for their sick or premature babies have to rely on breast milk donations and without it they would not survive.

Reactions to the launch of this new ice cream have ranged from disgust to intrigue. Some argue that breast milk is a better choice for humans to consume versus cow’s milk and even go on to suggest that those who are lactose intolerant would be able to enjoy this new “product”.

The ice cream parlour is paying women to give their breast milk to make ice cream for healthy adults to enjoy as a quirky snack. This precious commodity is now going into the bodies of adults and not to those who need it.

Personally I don’t care about how it tastes or how healthy it is, the gross factor lies in the fact that women, who have an abundance of breast milk, and are capable of donating in order to save a baby’s life are now faced with the dilema of pumping for charity or pumping for cash.

Wordless Wednesday – My card from the Milk Bank

Today I received a card from the Milk Bank … bittersweet as I am no longer donating but I am so glad I did.

Translation: "on behalf of all newborns who have benefited from your generosity, the entire team from the Milk Bank thank you for your donation of breast milk"


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