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Lingerie for Children in France

Children's lingerie

sexy kids in advertising

The girl in the background is advertising the 6 month - 3 yr collection. In the foreground is 4 - 12 yrs. : Jours Apres Lunes

Children should be kept children for as long as possible. If innocence could be bottled I’d be the first customer.

Sexualisation of minors

Today I was sent a link from a UK newspaper about a French company who is blantantly sexualising minors as part of their advertising campaign.  I visited the site in question which is called “Jours apres lune” (Days after the moon) and was quite frankly saddened and disgusted.

How far is too far?

The sexualisation of minor in advertising is going too far. It’s not the first time I have posted about this subject and I feel that a greater force needs to come in to play. A child lounging scantily clad in pearls and sunglasses is NOT the natural pose of a pre-pubesent girl.  Art directors and marketing managers are clearly on something to let this fly. Iconising Lolita is distasteful and downright dangerous. Where do you draw the line? Personally I feel any child, posed like an adult, is crossing the line when the word “sexy” or “hot” can be applied.

As a mother, a marketer, a sexual abuse survior and as a human I call for everyone to boycott such companies that stoop so low to sexualise CHILDREN.

What do you think, is the sexualisation of minors EVER ok?