Why do YOU choose to vaccinate or not? Part 2

I’ve recently discovered that the subject of whether or not to vaccinate your child is up there with topics such as religion or politics – its certainly a minefield. As promised, I would put across both sides of the argument. So, here is what non-vaxxing parents have to say on the matter:

MindfulmummyinFrance says:
Our little one is almost a year old and hasn’t had any vaccinations.  It was a decision we made after almost a year of research into both sides of the debate.  If we are concerned about what our child eats, what quality of nutrition they have to help them grow and develop; it seemed logical to be concerned about what substances we are advised to inject into our child and at what possible price.  For us the risks outweigh the benefits and we trust the immune system to do its job alongside vigilant parenting.  (Many childhood illnesses were on the decline BEFORE vaccinations – contrary to popular belief)

DadinDubai says:
The easiest thing that any parent could do is to vaccinate, it only takes a minute, and you can remain ignorant to the debate, not ask any questions, and simply go ahead with the protocol recommended by the drug companies, and implemented via government and doctors. If anything goes wrong; within this ignorant state you would not carry any guilt, as you simply did what you were told you to do. So if you want to remain in that space, then I suggest you don’t do anymore research on this topic. I was in that ignorant state for my first two children, and it’s not a bad place to be. Ignorance is bliss = true.

So, what are we really debating here? You don’t need to be a doctor to read a well researched study on how vaccines work, and the success the Pharma companies have had doing double and triple blind studies to ensure that injecting, formaldehyde, aluminum, live viruses grown in monkey’s, cadavers and chicken embryo cells, is both safe and effective in preventing disease.

If you could find {a study} on how all the different vaccines react within our children’s bodies and work with one another that would be a really good read also.

So, now I have an unvaccinated 2 yo, and I don’t know what to do?

MummyinVancouver says:
At the moment we are non-vaxxing. I feel that they give way too many vaccines to young children at one time (we don’t even give that many vaccines to adult dogs!), I’m not happy with the ingredients of the vaccines, I feel we are low risk (BF and not in daycare), and I feel a lot of what we vaccinate for is unnecessary. We WILL vaccinate once he is older (2+) but only do a few.

We studied both sides and decided there was not enough evidence that vaccines work or are safe , read “a shot in the dark”. We decided that we would feel worse if they got a vax and had an irreversible neurological damage or possible death then if they caught a disease we could fight it. More risks associated with the vax themselves then with the diseases.
rchrispy says:
I currently am on a delayed schedule since I feel we over vaccinate and we overtax their systems by doing too many at once

So that is the other side of the argument. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Why do YOU choose to vaccinate or not? Part 2

  1. Isil

    Both my kids are unvaccinated.They are perfectly healthy (I believe healthier than vaxed kids as they weren’t injected toxic stuff)When they are 5-6 years old,I will get their blood tested and see what they are immune to. I will then again decide whether to go for the vax or not.

  2. breastfedandhappy (Kris)

    Thank you for another great article! I love all the different series you write! It is great to hear all of the international perspectives you report on.


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