Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Baby Bargains!

Here is my 5 minute brain dump as part of this great series. Here goes …

Todays post is a bit confessional.

Hi, my name is Ameena, and I am addicted to buying things for BiP.

How’s that for an intro? Hmm… well, the worst part is that I’ve also been cursed with, what I called the “Golden Eye”. I love expensive things, not because of the price tag – it’s just the way things go. Urgh!

When I was pregnant with BiP I did loads of research on what she would “need”, I decorated her nursery to almost catalogue perfection and then I realised it was all for ME. She doesn’t care. She still doesn’t!

Anyway, today there was a table top sale for kids things; clothes, toys and equipment. So I decided to go down and hunt out some bargains as I had that itch to buy but couldn’t justify the expense!

I was shocked when I discovered mothers with kids a bit older than BiP who clearly suffer from the same condition as me! I was in for a winning streak! Brand new, or worn once, clothes for peanuts!

One woman cautiously asked me for $3 for a Ralph Lauren knitted jumper that had never been worn. I didn’t have the heart to haggle with her. I paid her and vowed that I would try my hardest not to end up in the same position in a few years. I have already sold things I bought for BiP in error and made substantiel losses.

I feel a new addiction coming on with these sales. At least it won’t break the bank!

How do you curb your shopping urges when it comes to your kids?


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