Baby-Led Weaning guide to spoons

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Want to know about spoons and baby-led weaning? You’re in the right place!

I recently blogged about the use of forks as my preferred first utensil. Now, let’s talk about spoons! Spoons are generally a bad word in Baby-Led Weaning until your baby decides to pick one up and use it. So, what’s the deal with spoons?

Don’t babies start using spoons before forks?

Generally speaking, spoons are presumed to be the obvious first utensil for a baby – well, actually they are harder to use than forks. Loaded spoons usually get picked up and twisted before baby gets it to its mouth. The result? I frustrated baby who can’t quite get where that yummy lunch got to. Unless it’s something quite sticky spoons are very challenging.

Which spoon?

Baby spoons often have the same problem as any baby cutlery – they appeal to the parents vs the baby. Most are too wide for your baby to get them into their tiny hungry mouths. I find the narrower the spoon the easier they are. In all honesty, a regular teaspoon has been a massive hit.  Obviously normal spoons are too big at this stage (would be like us eating with a serving spoon).

What’s the best way to start using a spoon?

Loading the spoon up for your baby (with something sticky) is a good start. Yogurts, houmous and applesauce are all good ways to teach your baby to dip their spoon and get something into their mouth!  Patience is key. It’s time consuming but let your baby discover and master this technique.

Anything else about spoons?

Personally I try to make sure BiP eats foods that are spoon appropriate where ever possible – I try to avoid giving her a spoon when roast chicken is on the table in the same way that I don’t give her a fork to eat yogurt.  As I’ve said in the past; don’t be discouraged if your hungry baby pushed the fork aside to eat with their hands during the transition!



9 thoughts on “Baby-Led Weaning guide to spoons

  1. Taleah

    We haven’t used utensils yet, but P loves to chew on a spoon when we’re out and about. We haven’t had any foods that require a spoon though.

    1. mummyinprovence Post author

      Cute! Letting them play with a spoon or fork during mealtimes is a good way to start!

  2. allykat

    My 14 month old loves using forks and spoons, but like you said, he twists them before they make it to his mouth, so something sticky is very important. All he really wants to use are the adult looking spoons, even though we’ve bought him lots of cutesy ones, lol.

    1. mummyinprovence Post author

      I am convinced cutesy spoons ONLY appeal to us! BIP wants ANYTHING that I am holding or using!

    1. mummyinprovence Post author

      Hi Annie, dare I say how cool those look? But, again, I think they appeal to the parents vs. the child. Moving forward I think the teaspoon rocks … we shouldn’t over complicate things! Hahah! If I could take back all the gadgets and toys I bought I would … BiP is happy with some wooden spoons, some tupperware and anything my hands touch!

  3. Pooky @poorparenting

    I’ve found Readybrek or regular porridge made quite thick is an ideal food for bubbas learning to use a spoon.

    And like you I think nothing beats a teaspoon. Though both girls prefer grown up forks for some reason. Maybe because kids forks are blunt so quite hard to use.

    1. mummyinprovence Post author

      Porridge! What a great idea! Must try that for BiP! I always forget about porridge because I don’t eat it.

      I totally agree about kids forks being blunt – they are such a dumb design …

  4. Vera Gordon

    Thanks for great article. I think that BLW is a great experience both for babies and parents. I can’t imagine any other way of feeding baby 😉
    The one thing I would add is that when starting introducing new foods we should remember that the baby should be rested and not hungry 🙂 Otherwise they could not want to “experiment” with the new meal.


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