Baby Monitors: What do you think?

You know the dreaded feeling – finally drifting off to sleep before hearing a wail from the nursery.


At first I struggled to fall asleep even when BiP was quiet, because I always had an ear listening out for the smallest whimper from the nursery. Thankfully, my baby list was followed and we we given a baby monitor so I could hear BiP where ever I was. These little cries are extra important when practicing Elimination Communication, so being able to easily keep track of what was happening meant I could have a bit of my life back without losing my mind in the process.

What makes a great baby monitor?


It’s important to minimise audio interference and static. Poorly made monitors can pick up feedback from cell phones and electronics that share the same frequency, so look for a device with Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT). This also makes sure you maintain your privacy – with an unprotected analogue device, just as you might accidentally intercept one of your neighbour’s mobile phone calls, someone else could mistakenly tap into your baby monitor feed. The security aspect of not being able to be heard was also important to us!

  • Another useful feature is lights in addition to audio. This way, you can turn the machine on mute if you’re awake and still see the lights when your baby calls. This is extra useful if you don’t want the monitor’s wail to wake anybody up.
  • Battery life is a common concern. Some monitors drain very quickly, so read reviews to find one out that will last through the night.
  • Some monitors have a temperature gauge as a bonus feature – while by no means necessary, this gives you peace of mind that your baby’s room is comfortable. (That is, unless you’re one of those parents who puts their children to sleep in sub-freezing temperatures – although that is a subject for a Global Differences Series article!)
  • The best tip for your search is to consider your unique lifestyle and the size of your home.

I was so happy with the addition of my baby monitor and I hope you all find the right one for you!

What features will be most useful to you during your daily routine?

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1 thought on “Baby Monitors: What do you think?

  1. Rojer Smith

    Well, baby monitors are really great invention as these allow mothers to work freely without any worry about their newborn. These digital monitors are just like the self protection systems for the baby. Nowadays as the invention of new technologies these come in various shapes enhanced with new technologies.


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