KidzCanDesign Review: Turn your kid’s artwork into jewelry!

I was so excited when Danny from emailed me to introduce their website and give me the opportunity to turn one of BiP’s doodles into a necklace.

The KidsCanDesign concept is SERIOUSLY adorable: you send in a scan of your little one’s masterpiece and they transform it into a sterling silver pendant or charm. Cool huh?

KidzCanDesign Review_MummyinProvence

Immediately I raced into BiP’s room to find a drawing to send over. Now, BiP is just over 2 and half years old so finding something figurative was a challenge !

I asked BiP to pick out her “favourite” drawing and she picked this “moon” doodle. I wanted to have a pendant made of a BiP original, not something I’d helped with.

A week later I received this picture of BiP’s drawing transformed into an adorable pendant!


When the pendant arrived in the post it was well presented in a nice silver gift box and the pendant itself was on a black rubber necklace with a strong clasp.

The pendant is about 2cms high and it’s got a pretty good weight on it so it definitely feels like a premium piece of adorable bling!

When I showed BiP she said “Look Mummy! Like my moon!”

I can see a few people getting a BiP original transformed into bling for presents in the years to come!

Don’t forget to LIKE KidzCanDesign on Facebook and check out all the other creations they have transformed into jewelry!


About KidzCanDesign:

KidzCanDesign_LogoKidzCanDesign specialize in converting your child’s work of art into a high quality sterling silver custom jewelry which can then be worn with pride by any member of the family. They can use any of their traditional drawings created on a piece of paper, or an image created using computer software. If they can draw it and you can send it to them and they can then transform those beautiful creations into either a Pendant or Charm for your son, your daughter, or you, the parent, to wear with pride, letting everyone know that it was your child who stands proudly behind this work of art.

(Disclaimer: I was compensated with a necklace in return for this review)

2 thoughts on “KidzCanDesign Review: Turn your kid’s artwork into jewelry!

  1. john

    Hi…first, Merry Christmas to you and family.

    I was order from KIDZ, used the promo code MummyinProvence and it was REJECTED as Not Valid. I tried with and without “, but no difference. Is that code still valid????
    Thanks, John

    1. mummyinprovence Post author

      Hi John, unfortunately this article was written a few years ago … sorry for the disappointment – I’ll get the posted edited to avoid any confusion. Hope you had a good holiday season!


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