10 Truths about Breastfeeding a Toddler

www.growingyourbabyThis post was inspired by Jessica from TheLeakyBoob’s post on Toddler Breastfeeding – it was great to realise that I was not alone in finding breastfeeding a toddler an emotional roller-coaster; it’s harder than nursing a baby, it’s perhaps more rewarding and it really means you have to defend your position more than ever.

Many see it as crunch time for us … BiP is almost 15 months old, she has been walking for 4.5 months, she now suddenly has 12 teeth, she eats more than I do (seriously) and she can say “Mama”, “Daddy” and “A-BOOB”! Time to wean I hear people say! Well, I‘ve said we’ll wean when we want to before – here are 10 straight up home truths about breastfeeding a toddler:

1 – Your clothes need to be more easy access than ever as your begin to realise just how strong your dermined toddler is to get to the source. Necklines on your tops will be stretched beyond recognition if you do not oblige.

2 – Be prepared for raised eyebrows and the “you are STILL breastfeeding?” when you nurse in public.  You can tell people that it’s actually recommended by the World Health Organisation to breastfeed for 2 years.

3 – To prepare yourself for breastfeeding a toddler you might consider watching wrestling matches for some interesting holds. Exciteable toddlers want to run, jump, talk, laugh and feed at the same time. That’s a lot for one small nipple to handle.

4 – Get ready for the possible social embarrassment of your toddler asking to be fed. I have memories of one little girl screaming “I want BREASTY” in the middle of a supermarket. By now it’s too late to change the word for it – BiP already calls it “A-BOOB” and if I don’t give it to her I get “A-Boob-oob-oob-boob!” No one in our area of France knows what she is saying but I do find it funny and incredibly cute.

5 – The level of cute is so hard to describe. When BiP know’s she’s going to get her “A-Boob” she gasps in delight, sometimes even grabs the side of her head with excitement – It melts my heart. Every. Single. Time.

6 – It’s the best first aid kit in the world! Every toddler falls, some falls are more spectacular than others but one thing is guaranteed, no amount of cuddles, singing, distraction or chocolate will work as fast as the breast at calming a hurt toddler.

7 – Tantrum Free Zone … well, kind of. One of the best way of avoiding tantrums is to create a diversion or a distraction – yes, parenting a toddler seems to involve skills of a magician, a circus monkey and an acrobat. If you see a tantrum on the horizon breastfeeding your toddler can often avoid it altogether.

8 – Breastfeeding your toddler will not make them clingy or “needy”. What’s the big rush to make them super independent before their 2nd birthday anyway?

9 – Contrary to what many say, after 12 months your breast milk does NOT turn to water. The nutritional properties change but as KellyMom reports 448ml of breast milk contains over 60% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C plus many other nutritional benefits.

10 – Running around after a toddler is exhausting! But! Be prepared that every time you sit down your toddler will think that it’s time to feed!  Honestly, if it means I get to sit quietly for a few minutes let’s do it … here’s your A-Boob!

There are obviously so many more benefits to breastfeeding a toddler as outlined by La Leche League International but these are just some personal ones. At the end of the day our children grow up so fast – the bond a breastfeeding mother has with her child, no matter how long the journey is, is so special – for those of us who choose to continue remember, it’s YOUR child and YOUR breast.

What are you thoughts on breastfeeding a toddler? Have you done it? Are you doing it? Would you do it?

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  1. Before my daughter was born, I always said that once she could ask for it – it was time to be done. Now that she’s 7mo old, I’m going to nurse as long as she is interested even if she can talk! That gasp and wiggle of delight is the best, isn’t it? P is now at a stage where she’ll sit up and rocket towards me and laugh. It’s so precious!

    • Ameena Gorton says:

      I felt just like you Taleah – actually I thought, before I got pregnant, that you couldn’t breastfeed babies with teeth! How clueless was I?!?
      I actually feel that BiP being able to ask for it is one of the major benefits of breastfeeding past 12m! Enjoy your journey – the only advice I can give is trust your instinct and your heart – sounds cheesy but that’s what I’ve done and am doing. I was ready to quit at 10 days … I had no idea how I’d get to 6 weeks and at 8 months I was in hospital to try and figure out breast pains that turned out to be bad latch from day 1 … still not resolved but we go on … it hurts at times but the look on BiP’s face makes everything so totally irrelevant!

  2. Hi, Ameena. This is such a great post & one of my favorite topics, since I am nursing a 23-month-old now.

    To add to #1, the plus side of nursing a toddler, clothing-wise, is that I no longer have to rely on nursing tanks every day as an integral part of my wardrobe–my son will easily and quickly get into my shirt no matter what I wear. 🙂

    “A-boob” is hilarious. My son calls them “nummies”, only it sounds more like “money” which is kind of weird for anyone overhearing us!

    Your #8 and #9 are my most hated points misinformed people bring up to me all the time. I am SO tired of defending the choice to not wean at age 1 when people attack me with those points.

    Before I write a book on your blog, I just want to say thank you for this post. It’s awesome!

    • Ameena Gorton says:

      Hey Jaime, thanks for the heads up that I “could” change to normal bras but I guess I’ll hang in there with my nursing stuff since it makes the t-shirt dive easier! Well done you for going for 23months and going strong! I am so impressed! I have no idea how far we will go but will keep you posted!

      I totally agree that people who are misinformed really do have loud voices on a subject that REALLY does not concern them!!!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and your great comment!

  3. I just had to comment, I’m envisioning BiP holding her face and gasping, so freaking cute! No, I didn’t BF, but definitely commend those that do, especially at this age!

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Aww thanks Jocelyn! Yeah BiP’s face is priceless … no one taught her to react like that which makes it so much more precious and special!

  4. Definitely adding this to my Sunday Link Love. Sebastian is just about to walk and already very much into the nursing gymnastics. I typically let him stand up between my knees where I am sitting and nurse standing because otherwise he tries to stand on me or the couch with his butt up in the air.

    I am not looking forward to defending my decision to keep nursing. I am more than happy to do it past age 2 but I must admit that before I was a mom, even I had some negative opinions about older children on the boob. That is why it is all the more important that I do it publicly though, and spread the facts.

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      Aww thanks Janine! Just wait until Sebastian walks … he may actually cut back his feeds and push you away which is what BiP did and THEN she was on the A-Boob with a vengeance!!!!

      Like you, before I had BiP I thought breastfeeding was reserved for small babies and by 6 months you stopped, and at MOST you carried on to 12m. Obviously I was TOTALLY misinformed and I feel lucky that I had the opportunity to learn and trust my instincts – weaning at 6m felt totally unnatural and, to be honest, at 15 months it feels even less natural but that’s me!

      • I feel the same way. Now that he can ask for it (he has signed for it once or twice and will come grab and pull my shirt) it is all the more clear how important it is. Boggles my mind to hear moms talking about weaning at 12 months.

    • my 12 month old does that too! i call the stand and nurse my “drive by nursing” or “the swim up bar” as my husband calls it, and my boy totally stands bum up on the couch too! i just laughed when i read your comment..could have been written by me!

      • Ameena Falchetto says:

        hahah Melia … I call it the “Boobie Buffet” as BiP darts from one breast to the other giggling whilst trying to do yoga at the same time!

        • San-Marie says:

          I call them musical boobs.

  5. I have to admit a lot of my hesitance is the social stigma of it and perhaps also selfishness on my part to no longer wanting to keep up with pumping during the day at work, etc. My current plan is to go as long as I have supply without pumping after 12 months.

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      That’s totally cool mama – you are doing an amazing job! I will never ever judge anyone for their choice to stop breastfeeding at any stage. I can’t imagine how hard pumping is – BiP never took a bottle – the only time I pumped was for the Lactarium (Milk Bank attached to a NICU)
      I’ve read that most mothers can cary on breastfeeding morning and night even if they drop day time feeds … I have a friend who’s son self weaned 6 months ago who still has milk! It’s up to you mama!

    • Sian Khoury says:

      Hi Marta!
      A lot of working mums decide to stop expressing when their little ones reach the age of one or thereabouts (obviously different for each mum/baby, but that’s quite a common age). I did just what you are considering, and stopped expressing when ds turned one – we continued breastfeeding for another 2+ years so it’s very possible to breastfeeding mornings/evenings/weekends for as long as you wish without any daytime expressing. Good luck! xx

  6. I am currently nursing a two year old and a 4.5 month old and I can say without a doubt that nursing the baby is way easier. The baby is calmer and less demanding. However, anyone who has ever nursed a toddler will understand why we do it. Health benefits aside, my boobies are like my toddler’s best friends. She gets so excited when she’s getting ready to nurse, often giggling to herself as she’s getting into position. She likes to hold them while she sleeps and while the baby nurses and checks on them at various times during the day. I have to admit I don’t always feed her out in public but more because it’s not so easy to do (she’s too big to carry and nurse) rather than because I’m afraid of what someone will say. I nurse both my children in public and I don’t really care what people think. If I’m not going to let my family tell me my 2 year old is too old to nurse I’m certainly not going to listen to the comments from a stranger. Although thankfully I’ve yet to have anyone comment negatively on my NIPing with either of my children.

  7. My son is 4 1/2 years old now, and she still nurses on demand. When he was a baby, I had planned to nurse him until he was 2 years old. Then I changed that to 3 years old, then I changed it to 4 years old. By the time he was turning four years old, he began to nurse much less and so I decided to just let him self wean whenever he’s ready. Right now he only nurses in the morning and at night for about 5 minutes each. I nursed him in public until he was 3 years old and I never felt guilty about it. Now we just do it privately. If he wants it, he asks me to go into the other room with him. Some days now he doesn’t even ask for it at all, so I know he is becoming closer to weaning himself completely. I have never in his life declined him if he has wanted to nurse. I always figured that if he wants it, then it’s probably still good for him.

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      Wow Staci – thanks for sharing … up until recently I had the limit of 2years in my mind but now I hear of more and more mama’s breastfeeding way past that age which is making me think more about really just letting BiP decide.

  8. My 18m DS is crawling over me and nursing as I type. Great post and so true! Am in India with my H for work and 2 nights ago one if his coworkers (a 25ish year old woman with no kids) seen #6 at work after he smooshed his fingers in a door. Immediately calmed him down! Her words (as I NIP’d in a country where its really frowned on by anybody but the poorest)-“if I ever had doubts about BFing, you’ve made them disappear! It should be called boobie magic :)!” Absolutely made my day, and she has no idea…. DS calles it muk, but knows that he has to says please…. so when he gets really demanding, its muk (with sign) then peas…peas, peas, muk-as he slaps his chest (his please sign). Adorable!

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      That is SOOOO cute. Yes, I totally agree that it’s a super power – it really is – no one else can do what I can for BiP when it comes to the A-Boob!
      Like you I couldn’t see myself getting this far – 6weeks was my goal!
      Great job mama!

  9. And we were also never going to nurse this long. I was really happy when when we made it to 6 weeks, then 6months….not sure where this journey will go, and I’m ok with that!

  10. Great post. It’s always nice to be reminded that I’m not the only “crazy hippy” who’s “still breastfeeding” my child. 🙂

    My 2.5yo son calls it “milky.” His breastfeeding gymnastics are quite impressive. There are times when I think about how nice it will be when it’s over, but mostly I just think it’s awesome.

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      Glad you liked it Vickie … 🙂 I don’t consider myself to be a crunchy mom or a hippy or any of those names attached to women who choose to continue to breastfeed past 12m. In France they say it’s because I am British that I breastfeed for an excessive amount of time (?!?!) I feel it’s important that it is normalised – breastfeeding past 12m should not be unusual or viewed that way. Oh and you can wear mascara and nice clothes and STILL breastfeed.

      I think it’s normal at times to look forward to the day when we will no longer breastfeed especially when you’ve just had your breast wrenched out of your top the wrong way and your toddler is latched on with one finger up your nose and their foot bizarrely placed over your shoulder whilst trying to watch TV!!!! It’s bittersweet – I look forward to it but I know I will miss it … thanks for stopping by!

  11. Lovely post! And all so true – although we don’t really get gymnastics – almost wish we did!
    My Bug is still feeding at not far off 3 and shows no signs of reducing her interest in “mummy milk”. Quite a challenge sometimes especially as I’m feeding her 9 month old brother too. Occasionally I think I’d be thrilled if she never fed again but then I see how excited she is when she knows her milk is coming and like you say…it melts your heart.

    Plus – how on earth are you supposed to manage tantrums, injuries, bad dreams, midnight peckishness (and other random night wakings), frustration, illness and the general trials and tribulations of toddler life without breastfeeding??? When people ask me why am I still feeding I tell them I’ll stop if the can give me a replacement that cures everything on that list (plus more) and provides my little one with nutrition, immunities and a nice warm drink when it’s cold and wet! Think of it like that and I can’t really understand why more people don’t feed their toddlers! :o)

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      Thanks Libby! Yes! I seriously wonder what I’d do without my super powers (my breasts) when it comes to BiP … it’s the best soothing tool ever! Yes, and I can’t understand why so many are so intent on me stopping! Just today BiP cut her hand open and the only way we could get Daddy to clean it up and dress it was … BOOBIE obviously. I fear the real challenges will come when she’s weaned herself and whipping my breast out won’t work any more!

  12. I Breastfeed my toddler, she will be two in about a month, she does not rip at my clothing or make loud demands unless its at night. If its not an appropriate time, I just say, later we will nurse and tell her ther truth about when and she is usually fine with it. SHe is loud at night however if I cut her off before she thinks its the time to stop. I love breastfeeding. I breastfed my older child till she was 26 months old and tandem bf’d for 10 months. and both of them did a boobie excitement dance and make sounds when they know its coming. so so adorable. Thanks for your words of wisdom. I dont usually care what people say and noone usually does, except my brother who has no children and has not every lived around a nursing person…. I told him that him telling me about nursing or when to stop was like me trying to give him advice about diesel engines. hellooo.

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      Thanks for sharing Kalen … my words of wisdom? Wow, I have just started … you have had an incredible breastfeeding journey!!!! Your kids are very lucky to have you 🙂

  13. I think you’re already tired to hear “so true”, but I’m going to say it anyways. So true! We are on our 38th month.

    My kid pulled my shirt at one time we were in the grocery store. Good thing I was wearing my nice bra and not the nursing bra!

    And everyday that we nurse, the more that I realize how good of a decision that I have breastfed him and quite surprisingly, I continue to find more benefits as he grows.

    BTW, great comic. My kid saw it and asked for me to print. He wants to color it!

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      oooh get him to colour it and post it! 🙂 I hear you on making sure you have a nice bra on … more people see it now than ever before!!! Thanks for sharing Carol!

  14. I never thought I would be nursing a 14 month old, but I am, and I love it. Yes, I am asked when I will wean, and if I will nurse him, “forever”. To this I respond, yep! I plan on nursing him on the way to college. (eye roll) What most don’t understand is when I nurse is the ONLY time I get to hold him, otherwise he is GO GO GO. I love the time I get to look into his deep blue eyes. I love the time I get to caress his soft soft skin. I love the way he rubs my back while nursing. I love that I can give him something NO ONE else can. I didn’t have this with my first and which I had.

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      Thanks for sharing Kristina .. I share the exact same sentiments! Well done mama! Your son is so lucky to have you!

  15. Thank you so much for this post! I’m a first time mom who is bf’ing my 20 month old. I am determined to self wean – no matter what anyone says. My milk goes by the name of Bop. That was also my name for a short time. It is so adorable and soothing for my DD and myself. I’m happy to find other moms who are nursing past 12 months. Hugs to you all.

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      Ahhh thanks for sharing Elizabeth! I am with you 110% 🙂

  16. I planned to breastfeed my daughter for at least a year, but goodness knows how i made it that long. We started off with a bad latch that caused pain that doesn’t really compare to child birth. Then I found that I only produced milk in one breast so I breastfed my now 16 month old daughter the this entire time on one boob. At about 14 months she was down to just a bedtime feed. Now, she has more or less lost interest but last week I was wearing a low cut tank top and she reached in and said “ma, I want bubbie!!” My husband literally hit the floor laughing. She will occasionally launch a sneak attack when I’m napping and hubby thinks its funny to let her do it. Given all the difficulty we had to overcome to get to this point, I don’t care when anyone thinks about my nursing a toddler.

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      I am with you all the way! I have given up caring what people say/thinks!

  17. I love this post. I began to slowly wean when my lil Goddess turned 2 in May, but she’s still nursing at night, which makes it more precious to her. She’s not happy about my ‘boobies knowing that she’s two now and not making as much milk for her’ but we’re taking our time. I love nursing and I’ll miss it. As for her whenever she’s making wishes she always wishes for ‘boobies’.

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      Thanks for sharing Jen … it’s a bittersweet relationship isn’t it? Your daughter is lucky to have you!

  18. Great post.
    It is true about the sitting down for a while – with added acrobatics too 🙂

  19. I agree! They are so cute especially when asking for it nicely. “Mama, please?” with clasped hands and batting eyes. How can you resist?

  20. Ok these are HISTERICAL! And so true! My little guy will put his hands on both sides of his head and giggle when he knows I’m pulling them out! It makes ME melt! Every. Single. Time. It’s something that is impossible to explain to anyone but another Mommy nursing her 1+ babe!!!

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Glad this made you laugh Camille!!

  21. I breastfed my daughter till she was 18mths. The last 3 months were just before naptime and before bedtime. It soon went to just before bedtime, then not at all. She weaned herself really. She is 3.5yrs now and I cannot imagine breastfeeding a 3yr old +. Every mother is different, as I was the black sheep in MY family for going past 6 mths. Alas, each family has its own needs for mother & child! Glad it worked for some Moms 🙂 I still cannot wrap my head around it though to breastfeed past 1.5-2yrs.

  22. Why is the picture of an infant nursing and not a toddler?

  23. Hi
    I am currently nursing an almost 22 month old, I don’t intend to wean him, I can’t deny him what i know he wants, especially when it’s so good for him. I want him to self wean when he is ready. I have developed a fear of feeding him in public, I have lost confidence and don’t feel comfortable incase I get those looks or comments, it’s strange as when he was younger i would get my boob out anywhere and everywhere.
    I am totally amazed by anyone who can and does tandem feed, well done 🙂

  24. StacyLynn says:

    Great post! I nurse my 19 month old son. His favorite thing in the whole world is nursing.. How could I ever stop that from him!? I love nursing because he loves it. It calms him down when he’s sad, it charges him back up when he needs energy, it helps him to go to sleep when he’s tired… Nursing is the ultimate remedy for a toddler. To All you nursing moms out there… You Rock!!!!! Keep up the good nursing!!!!

  25. This is the most fabulous blog posting I’ve read this week! I recently thought that maybe I should think of weaning my almost 2 yr old but after seeing the comments and success other women are having I don’t feel rushed. 🙂 I’m so lucky to still have this beautiful, relaxing at times chaotic relationship with my daughter still and I love hearing other moms who are also in that same place. My LO says “hungy” when she wants to nurse so it’s not too silly when we are out but honestly I too hate the rude stares and comments, why can’t people see it for how wonderful it is for our babies and toddlers! LO is extremely confident and outgoing, more so then some of her counterparts and I think that’s a lot in part to the continued bf, she knows she’s secure and has what she needs 🙂 I cried honestly when I thought of weaning, it made my heart hurt because I’ve been one of the blessed ones to have never given her a bottle this far or have to go into a field where she couldn’t be with me. I love how empowering it is to know that I’m still the one she needs most 🙂 congrats to all you wonderful bf moms!!! We are all rock stars! 🙂

  26. I’m nursing a 14 mo old and my breasts always feel really soft now. Is this normal ??? My sessions aren’t more than 5-10 mins tops. I’m sooo afraid I’m gonna dry up! It scares me. I have severe anxiety over it. I just love nursing and want to nurse as long as possible. Any advice or tips???
    Tks in advance

    • Beverly robinson says:

      Hi, don’t be concerned but your blogs being soft. Seriously I fed my last child for two and a half years. Mine were always soft after the initial 7/8 months. In fact I could probably sling one over each shoulder whether it was feeding time or not. The only time they felt like boulders again was the two weeks after we stopped and I cried frequently because I felt like I’d lost a friend. Weird but perfectly normal. So keep going for as long as your child wants it and makes you happy. Besides who needs rock hard boobies all the time?! 🙂 happy bf!

      • Beverly robinson says:

        *boobs not blogs!! Oops! 🙂

  27. Btw.. I nurse twice a day… Am pm … No matter how long I go between sessions now my breasts are always soft. It just makes me feel so inadequate and like a failure to try to nurse w such flat soft breasts.
    Any advice ?

  28. Beverly robinson says:

    I came across your blog and it caught my eye. I bf my 1st son for 7 and a bit months. It was definitely time to take him off the boob as he bit me very hard, drawing excruciating squeals from me and blood simultaneously!! :/ after exactly a week, that was it no more booby and he was happy with a bottle. 2nd son comes along. He was a week early and it took a few days for my milk to come in. We cup fed him formula which he proceeded to vomit up every time. He lost a third of his birth weight in 3 days when finally my first milk came in. He latched on and didn’t let go until two and a half years later. I’m really glad we did bf for this length of time. The hardest part was the gasps of shock from friends and family members who thought we should give it up. My second boy, called it booboo and would smack his lips in anticipation on booby appearing. I miss the closeness we had during this time. I’m now due to have my daughter in 9 weeks time and I’m feeling a little surprised that although I know I will bf her, I’m actually feeling a bit weirded out by bf a girl this time. It’s totally irrational I know but I’m sure after a few days I’ll get my head around it. I’m not sexist in any shape or form, which is why I’m feeling totally at odds with myself and a bit silly really. However I’m sure once we get into our rhythm, well be best booby buddies. (To be honest I still can’t believe I am having a girl!!) And no doubt the same people who judged me last time, will do it again this time but quite frankly, I don’t care. My kids are my priority and the funniest part of all this. My youngest son asked me if the booboo fairy was going to bring my milk back for baby and if so he could share with baby! How’s that for smart thinking! Love your blog, keep up the good work. Best wishes 🙂

  29. Lashamniqua says:

    My son is 15 months old,is it too late for me to start breastfeeding?

  30. Hi just wanted to say thank you all you wonderful women such a reassuring post. I tandem nurse my 2.5 yo girl and 7 mth old boy. Most of the time I find it wonderful sometimes I want to remove by boobs. But it is magic stuff, bump on head, illnesses, and whilst reading the grufallo. I am very frowned upon by most of family and friends for still feeding 2.5 yo girl but I honestly don’t care she does a dance and gets excited when I get them both out!. One for her one for her brother! The only concerning thing is a child nurse suggested she has delayed speech due to still feeding. She can recite the alphabet, knows what a hexagon is and all the animals in all our books. Has anyone ever had this issue with a health proff suggesting speech delays due to bring?!

  31. bring?! – sorry breastfeeding! They were both early as well 2.5 by 5 weeks and 7 mth by 8 weeks. A lot of nights spent at nicu and scbu! Xx

  32. My son just turned 3 and still asks for milky.
    I also work full time.
    I have read the closeness helps his little brain make the connections to help boost his iq.
    Thenaturalparent.com touches on that.
    It can be frustrating but at the end of the day I wouldnt change anything.

  33. Not checked how old this blog is but had to add my own wonderful, beautiful BFing experience. Currently nursing my 27 month old with no sign of stopping. There is nothing, absolutely nothing more rewarding than the chuckles of glee and shouts of “I’m happy” when he knows he’s getting drinkipoos, as we call it. If he hurts himself he wants to put the injured bit on my boob as well to make it better. It’s so cute and truly wonderful that our fantastic milk is not only full of so much goodness, but that our boobs are truly magical for our BFing kids. Boobs rule!!!

  34. Hi Ameena, so glad to find your post searching around the internet trying to find info and perspectives on this. I’m a single parent and as much as I planned on doing things the “modern way” when I was pregnant, from the moment my son was born it all changed. We have Co-slept the whole time and he is now 26months and breast feeding regularly. To be honest, I am SO OVER IT haha. I’m tired. But he is definitely not. I do get embarrassed when he shouts out “la boobe” “me like la Boobe” from that supermarket trolley but we only feed at home. I’ve tried to wean a few times but he is so not ready and gets so upset. Like your daughter he gets excited and does a little dance and a skip when I say yes ok, and the bonding has been wonderful. I think what I’ll do is slowly reduce, and hope he decides he’s had enough. I find it very hard to say no when I see the comfort and love it so obviously provides him. I have decided not to communicate this with other mums in my circle so much though, as I’ve had a few wide eyed looks of horror. I ever got those a year a go when he was 1. I never ever thought I’d be this parent, but I’m following my instincts and that was I think you should all do to. 🙂

    • Good for you!!! I’m a single mum too and this sounds just like me, though my son is younger but I anticipate carrying on feeding for a while yet too! It’s funny how you manage to adjust to little sleep, lol. Hope you get a few decent night’s in there.

  35. I am breastfeeding a 15 month old boy. We call my boobs DANG, so he calls out Mama Dang. And YES the excitement when I call him to come and nurse! It’s like he has won lottery or something

  36. Love this article! Thank you for writing….My son is 11 months old and I’m still enjoying feeding him. My mum had said to me that once he got his teeth it would likely be time to give up… but I’ve weathered the storm and managed to get through the painful biting stage. I have never liked my boobs being touched and thought I’d really struggle to feed and told myself I’d just try it and if it wasn’t for me not to get upset about it. I did find it difficult at first and as my son was a large baby, he had quite an appetite and I couldn’t keep up at first and had some issues so did mixed feeding initially. But I stuck with it and I love it. Like others who have commented, he gets so excited when he knows it’s milk time and I love it. He doesn’t sleep well and I’m so pleased that I’m able to nurse him back to sleep – or, as you’ve mentioned, comfort him if he has banged his head or something. Hope to carry on as long as it suits us both. I say stuff any judgemental comments – be proud to do the best you can for your little ones if you have chosen to keep breastfeeding.

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