What’s your problem with MY breast?

Hoorah! Finally a breastfeeding article that rings true! How refreshing! 

Breastfeeding works. It just doesn’t have a big budget to promote itself, and as a society we’ve forgotten that the very best is sometimes what nature gives us for free.

Joanna Moorhead article “It’s time to stop knocking breastfeeding”  in today’s Guardian wrote “breastfeeding is not just a way of nourishing your baby – it’s also about a relationship, it’s about security, and it’s about loving”.  It is so true.

Sadly, most people, when they learn about the fact you are breastfeeding are more concerned about when you are going to stop! Not that it is anyone’s business, but it seems to be the question on everyone’s mind when they see a breastfeeding mother.

The article is so perfectly written I can’t add more … so I leave you with this final

“What a tragedy that is: if breast milk was invented today, it would be the most valuable patent of all time. Nothing on earth has the potential to transform a generation’s health as much as breast milk, yet we undermine it simply because no one stands to make a profit and the budgets to defend it are minuscule. Breastfeeding works: the only thing we have to fix is our belief in it.”

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