SOCS: Yes! I made something I saw on Pinterest!


Months and months of pinning. Oooh, cool, oooh, pretty, oooh, shiny … yes! I decided to make something I saw on Pinterest! (are you following my pins BTW??)

So, first thing I decided to make was PLAYDOUGH!

Recipe looked so easy …

3 cups of flour
3 cups of boiling water
1 1/2 cups of salt
1TBS Oil
1 TBS cream of tartar
Food colouring as needed.

Easy! Except I read “cream of tartar” as “tartare sauce” and added 3 good tablespoons to my playdough.

My caper-filled Playdough

It worked, smelled funny, and instead of cool sparkles it had a few capers … I guess we can call that a fail!

But I did not give up! I went on to make rainbow rice!

This time it worked and it’s the ONLY things BiP wants to play with now! Yay me!

Rainbow rice

2 cups of rice
Mix in food colour until you have the colour you want
Spread out to dry overnight!

(The recipe usually calls for rubbing alcohol to make the colours more vibrant but I was scared BiP would put it in her mouth)

So, what have you made from Pinterest? Did it work?


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9 thoughts on “SOCS: Yes! I made something I saw on Pinterest!

  1. Jackie

    I am a pinterest addict as well. I have made some kick ass nutella cookies around Christmas time and used a lot of inspiration for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party last month.

  2. Kenya G. Johnson

    Cool to rainbow ice. What do you do with it? I’m JUST got on Pinterest yesterday. My intentions are for quotes only but I’ve already gone astray. I’ll check yours out. I can’t remember what my playdoh mistake was. I just know it didn’t smell all that great and I used cream of tartar. Your colors are so pretty.

  3. Kenya G. Johnson

    Ok rainbow RICE. Duh. I was wondering what you would do with colored ice. But what do you do with colored rice? LOL!

    1. Ameena Falchetto Post author

      Ahahaha – I bury small objects in it – she scoops it like sand, pours it into containers – generally makes a huge mess.

  4. Angel Collins

    Pinterest is haunting me, really. I just look at the pins and I don’t really do what I see on Pinterest. Silly me. Haha! Okay, I’d try looking for something now. That rainbow rice is cool by the way. Way to go! 🙂

  5. Monique

    I’ve made a few things I’ve seen on Pinterest as well, and created a board called “Done That”. So far it’s only been food, but maybe one day I’ll try one of those crafts. Maybe…

  6. Carol - The Lazy Mama

    I have long been exposed to Pinterest and long been trying to avoid going back as I know I’d be stuck. Now that you’ve shown me this fabulous DIY’s, how can I resist?


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