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Am I missing something?

Flip Image

Today is day 2 in our transition to cloth diapers. I was reluctant to use cloth simply because I thought that with Elimination Communication (EC) we wouldn’t actually use that many diapers – I was wrong!

So, I found myself with the challenge of finding the most eco-friendly cloth diapering system around (I couldn’t see how all that laundry could be that good for the environment) so I went with Flip Cloth Diapers – with which you just have to change the insert each time it gets wet and the shell once a day.

Now, they are are super cute but I am not really finding them all that easy to use and BiP is using them on the largest setting. The laundry doesn’t bother me, we’ve not had any leaks but I am not getting that “Fluff Addiction” I so crave. They don’t seem to be as swift as disposables to whip off in a hurry to get BiP to the potty and when they are off I have to readjust them.

Am I doing something wrong? When will my love affair with them start?