Am I missing something?

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Today is day 2 in our transition to cloth diapers. I was reluctant to use cloth simply because I thought that with Elimination Communication (EC) we wouldn’t actually use that many diapers – I was wrong!

So, I found myself with the challenge of finding the most eco-friendly cloth diapering system around (I couldn’t see how all that laundry could be that good for the environment) so I went with Flip Cloth Diapers – with which you just have to change the insert each time it gets wet and the shell once a day.

Now, they are are super cute but I am not really finding them all that easy to use and BiP is using them on the largest setting. The laundry doesn’t bother me, we’ve not had any leaks but I am not getting that “Fluff Addiction” I so crave. They don’t seem to be as swift as disposables to whip off in a hurry to get BiP to the potty and when they are off I have to readjust them.

Am I doing something wrong? When will my love affair with them start?

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  1. I only have 1 Flip diaper so can only speak from that experience. Is it possible it’s because of the snaps? Snaps take awhile to get used to. Perhaps use diapers that have velcro instead?

    • Anonymous says:

      I have both snaps and velco and feel the same about both – I think I prefer the velco but its a bit too soon to tell!

  2. what aspect of it is “not so easy to use”? I do find the Flips to be very different from other brands…so based on your feedback, I may be able to recommend other styles/brands.

    • mummyinprovence says:

      I am just finding the inserts don’t stay in when you take the diaper off and you just have to be a bit more precise in positioning BiP when putting them back on – I guess I was expecting something a bit different but am not planning to try out something else. Will just keep at it with the Flip diapers … I guess the ‘sposies make you lazy!

  3. I don’t have the same diapers as you are using, so I can’t comment on that, but I would say it took me a good few weeks to get into cloth diapers, and to actually enjoy, if that’s a word I can use, the whole thing. I think the fact that we medically had to use them, because my daughter was so badly allergic to disposables, and that in cloth, her little bottom finally stopped being raw, bleeding and sore was a great help, but I also just liked the novelty of them. They are one of those things that you either love or don’t. We have used them this time since M was 3 weeks old, and I honestly can say, the only time I would use disposables was if we had a tummy bug and I couldn’t keep on top of laundry. We have even done CD’s on holiday. Give it a few weeks, and you will find you are used to them, and if not, then nothing ventured, nothing gained, you can sell them! 🙂

  4. LeahSylina says:

    I think with you doing EC with BiP you might enjoy a more simpler diapering system a little better, something that goes on and off as easily as a disposable. I don’t have any Flip diapers, but they sound similar to my Softbums in the sense that they have an insert and a shell. Since the shell can be re-used I hang them up to air out between uses and it’s not the ease of putting on a disposable really. I have the extra steps of grabbing the cover + pulling an insert out of the cabinet, snapping it in, then getting it on a squirmy kid. I have to make sure the insert isn’t too high (will leak out the top) or too low (will fall down and bunch up) so I sometimes have to re-adjust. I don’t have any all-in-one diapers but I imagine those are most like disposables, especially if you get velcro. We do have pocket diapers though and they are just as easy to put on as disposables so long as they are pre-stuffed. I do diaper laundry in the evening then throw the inserts in the dryer and line dry the covers so they are ready for me to stuff first thing in the morning. Pockets are the ones DH always grabs first since he doesn’t have to do any extra work, just put them on. He would prefer if all our stash were pockets diapers.

    Now that we have a system going that we both enjoy (well DH doesn’t ‘enjoy’ it and he never really will, but he puts up with it for me lol), I really do love cloth diapering. I’ve become quite an addict and if I had more money we’d probably have enough diapers to sufficiently cloth diaper a small platoon.

    You might grow to love your Flip diapers or you could try out something else and see what you think. I’m itching to try something new…maybe prefolds and covers or an AIO….or some sort of hybrid like the Flip or gDiapers. There are so many to choose from! How am I supposed to decide? 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Leah, its incredible how many different types there are. I am getting the hang of the Flips – I maybe should have picked up a few AIOs but I am sure we will get there with the ones we have. I am kind of using them like training pants so 3 wet ones and back into ‘sposies… somedays BiP is in them all day!

      Keep sharing your cloth diapering expertise … I am truly, hands up, a newbie who is quite lost!

  5. Aisha Hanif says:

    Hi MiP, I’m using Tiny Tush and Happy Heiney pocket cloth diapers on my 9 month old son. I’ve been using these on him since he was 2 months old. As long as they are pre-stuffed with the insert(s), it’s an easy system. After you take off a soiled diaper, you have to separate out the insert, then put both the soiled insert and soiled diaper into the dry bucket. Meanwhile, a quick wipe or wash in the sink and your little one can be changed into a fresh cloth diaper. The Happy Heineys come in adorable prints, a great way to stoke your “Fluff Love”!

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks Aisha! It took me a while but I am now getting into my Flip Diapers – they are easy to use. I am lazy when it comes to using cloth when we go out so I do use ‘sposies … I have started to enjoy the laundry though which is something I never thought I would! Just invested in a few new covers which are velcro as I realised the snaps were annoying me. If BiP was younger I think I might consider investing in the Tiny Tush and Happy Heiney’s are they are super cute (never heard of them before you posted!)

  6. We use a bunch of types of cloth diapers but our fave are FuzzinBunz one size. Pocket diapers are more expensive (per diaper) but they fit for a long time and go on and off really easily, even with snaps.

  7. Glad to hear things are looking up! Well, if you ever want to try something else, I think a simple AIO may be what you’re looking for as they’re very easy to pull on and off. You can find some decently priced BumGenius 3.0 AIO’s…they’re Velcro and quite roomy.

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks – yeah, we are getting the hang of the Flip’s – I don’t have an issue with the diapers – it’s the laundry!

  8. We’ve been using gDiapers for a couple years now, but have dabbled with other types as well. If you’re looking for something easy to whip on and off frequently, honestly you’re probably better off with a pocket or AIO diaper– something that stays in one piece.

    I have 1 Flip diaper and I’m not a fan. I know some people prefer them over gDiapers b/c they’re two parts instead of 3 like the gDiapers, but I found that the insert felt a lot less “secure” inside the outer pant, vs in gDiapers the snap-in liner keeps the insert pretty snugly in place (or more so, anyway).

    This is one of the things that can be tough about cloth diapering, it can take a bit of trial-and-error to figure out the right “system” for you. As for the laundry, that was one of my main deterrents against cloth to start with. But, I figure the water & energy that goes into washing & drying a good 2 day’s worth of cloth has got to be less than making 2 days’ worth of disposables (not to mention the materials, etc), and at least they’re not going in the trash. You can air-dry, too, which saves lots in energy. And, if you have more diapers you can go longer between washes, meaning use less water & energy to wash them over & over.

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks Marcy – I am not about to try a new system now with BiP – I do it when I can bothered and now the weather is better air drying is not an issue.
      Maybe next time round I’d buy some AOI’s and give them a go too!

  9. I think a lot of people have hit on why you might not be having the love affair. Also, once you run out of sposies and are in full time cloth, you might have a different experience. I don’t have any experience with Flips, but I do know that pockets are the easiest for on and off. AIOs are okay, but still require some adjusting. Prefolds or multiple part systems (Flip, GroVia, gDiapers, etc) are the least quick for on and off. Also, the laundry becomes much more enjoyable as you start to realize you don’t have to buy diapers or figure out how many you have left or continue spending money on trash. We started cloth at 6 weeks and have been doing it for over a year now. The only time we’ve gone back to sposies was when we went on a week’s vacation. Basically it was because I couldn’t afford the packing space in our luggage (my aunt picked up diapers and had them waiting for us). Anyway…good luck!!

    • mummyinprovence says:

      I think you have hit on the key point, IF I’d started earlier it would have just become 2nd nature … I plan to have BiP potty trained before the end of the summer so I don’t see in value in investing in some AIO’s. Next time …

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