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Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Life’s Soundtrack

stream-of-consciousness-sundayHere is my 5 minute brain dump as part of this great series. Here goes …

I dislike silence. I always have. I have a terrible habit of killing songs too.

I listen to the same song on repeat until they make my skin crawl. Some say this is a Leo trait.

I can’t say I have a particular type of music I love – I can tell you what I don’t like though!

After whiling away precious quiet time on YouTube today I found myself watching my favourite clips from the Moulin Rouge musical.

I can’t tell you how many times I watched the movie.  I love it.

So, I’m sharing one of my favourite scenes:

I sometimes wish my life was a musical – how sad is that? (There I said it and I guess I’ll click publish too.)

Then I feel sad that I really can’t sing for love or for money … I feel sad for BiP who clearly doesn’t know any better when she claps her hands in delight when I sing.

Now with Spotify I guess it can – except all my friends on Facebook will know about it.

So, if you are my friend on Facebook and see me listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack for the millionth time you can only guess as to whether I am swanning around in a corset and gown …

Does your life have a soundtrack? What does it sound like?


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