Carla Bruni-Sarkozy says NO baby photos

no baby photos for Carla Bruni France Carla Bruni-Sarkozy gave birth to her daughter Giulia in Paris on 20th October 2011.

Everyone wants to see pictures of her baby. But, they will not see the baby’s picture, not now, not ever.

Carla announced “I will do everything to protect this infant, and I’ll be absolutely rigourous. I will never show photos of this child. I’ll never expose this child.”

According to the law in France, the permission of a child’s legal guardian is required before any photograph of the child is published (Article 9 of the civil code). The problem is that the internet is global and the same laws don’t apply.

Carla’s first son Aurelian was photographed in 2008 on holiday in Petra, Jordan. She says she regrets exposing him to the media and should have known better.

She felt she should have realised that there would have been photographers there.

Aurelian was 8 years old at the time. She said “I should have never taken my son to visit this magnificent site.”

Some feel that as France’s First Lady we should have access to the baby photos. Should we? Before Carla is France’s First Lady she is a mother, one that wants to protect her child.

What do you think?

Do you think the public should see the photos of a celebrity or public figure?

26 Responses to Carla Bruni-Sarkozy says NO baby photos

  1. Carla has every right to protect her child by not allowing photos to be published and the general public should respect that. She and her baby are not public property and will never be.

    However, I find Carla’s comment that she should never have taken her son to visit the magnificent site in Jordan selfish. This is my opinion but should he be deprived of visiting places and growing up normally because he risks being taking on photo or should his mother allow him as much normality as possible? Maybe a good baseball hat could have helped disguise him a bit without making a fuss?

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      Hey Sharon, I didn’t read the comment about Petra like that – I read it that she shouldn’t have taken him on a high profile visit.
      She could have easily gone when there wasn’t going to be a whole bunch of press there.

      • I guess the comment could be read in many ways, I was kind of fixated on the fact that they were on holiday. I guess it’s kind of sad for the child and real tough on the parents. Can’t be easy being a celebrity Mum. Maybe there should be some type of international law prohibiting photographers taking and publishing photos of children without the parents permission?

        • Ameena Falchetto says:

          The law only applies in France from what I could see.

          I think it must suck being a celeb parent. And even worse to be their kids.

  2. It’s odd that regular people are not allowed to take photos in many playgroup settings or other gatherings of children, but the papparazzi can take photos of children as they like???

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      I agree. Guess the rules don’t apply to the famous.

    • I totally agree, Mrs B. I was videoing my daughter rowing on the river cam and a coach’s helper rode past on his bike. He didn’t recognise me but I recognised him, and so I smiled at him and continued to take the video. He stopped his bike to tell me off for videoing minors! I reminded him she was my minor and he was embarrassed and i didn’t know whether to thank him for being vigilant or scold him for being too uptight so I said nothing.

      • Ameena Falchetto says:

        Oh wow – I’m surprised someone actually said something.

  3. We currently have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, living in the next road to us,while he’s finishing his film, and the pap’s are there constanstly, trying to snap photos and follow them and the kids. They wanted to enrol them in our local school, but felt (as did the school) that the press would not respect anyone’s right to privacy, so they’re at a private school some distance away. I think children should have the right to privacy, not to be photographed without permission, and I don’t blame Carla at all!

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      Oh wow … so have you had Angelina over for tea? That sucks that they have to send their kids to school miles away.

  4. I guess I don’t really understand. I agree its her right as the child’s mother, but what is her fear if someone sees a photo of her child? Limiting the child’s exposure of the world (like taking them to Jordon) just so no photos are taken seems extreme.

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      I don’t like anyone taking my daughter’s photo – I have no pictures of her online, well, a couple of the back of her head. It’s something we feel strongly about. When they are taking pictures at playgroup I take BiP away – she has the rest of her life to decide what pictures she wants to be public.

      I think not taking your kids to public engagements in order to protect them from the paparazzi was what Carla was getting at vs. keeping her kids locked up.

  5. I absolutely don’t think people should be allowed to print photos of children without parent permission, famous or not. But god knows I have photos of Sebastian all over the Internet. That will change by the time he hits puberty, but I don’t feel that childhood photos have the same ability to be embarrassing, which is the main reason I would consider not putting photos out there. All about personal choice.

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      You know we don’t agree on this totally but I do agree that publishing a child’s picture online should have parent’s permission.

      • Yeah I just feel that it is up to the parents. I mean, I asked my friends to be sure they didn’t mind me posting photos of them AND their kids from Seb’s birthday party. I ask before I post a photo of an adult, so of course I will ask if it’s a child. And the media should be held to a higher standard.

  6. I don’t see why Carla’s child should be seen by the public! It isn’t in the public’s interest to see what it looks like.

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      So many will disagree!

  7. Ah, so good to read that, specially all the comments. I live in Brazil and, god knows what reason people love to take other people’s and people’s kids pictures and post, print… whatever. My mom, even, was asking me when was I going to print some pics to give to some random people we know. Simple answer: NEVER! Why should people that have never seen my daughter have pics of her?of course, that doesn’t go for close friends and family.

    I hate the idea of everyone being able to see and use her photos (actually I don’t have that many pic of my own in internet profiles). It’s not just because A. is a little baby that she shouldn’t have her privacy. Of course I get many frown faces and judgment from crazy people who think they have a say on how I raise her, even heard that parents who love share kids pics (on facebook) and that I was somehow trying to hide her. Don’t know how people come up with that. In my opinion, if you don’t want your teenage girl to post pics showing her breasts to catch people’s attention, you should start by not posting pic of her in the bath for everyone you know and some you don’t to see it.

    That said, I just discover you blog and have been reading loads of random posts for a couple of days. love your honesty, the way you write and your view on parenthood (most parents here seem to just go with the flow and try to wing it, love to see people who think about what they are doing and messages they are sending).

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thank you so much Mariane 🙂 Your kind words mean a lot! Wish I had more time to keep this site updated!

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