BiP’s return flight from hell: A rant

We went on our first family holiday to New York last week. We had a wonderful time, the outbound flight was smooth, BiP was adored by the cabin crew making the 8 hr flight a breeze and our days in NYC were action packed. It was a fabulous family holiday. Sadly, our return flight on Lufthansa (LH 401) from JFK to Frankfurt was nothing short of awful. Yes, this is a rant, I am still so annoyed that I have to get it off my chest.

BiP’s seat belt and bassinet
After boarding the flight I asked about BiP’s seat belt – I was met with a curt “Yes, you can wait” – I was taken aback somewhat especially as we’d been on board for at least 20 mins. It was given to me after 10mins with no explanation on how to use it which is fine as I’d used it before. A little while later my husband enquired about the bassinet as this is something that is available on demand in-flight and cannot be reserved. His enquiry was met by a member of the cabin crew pointing to the fasten seatbelt sign and rudely being told to sit down. We sat for over 1 hr with the plane not even moving.  We asked someone else and we were told we would be “dealt” with once the plane had taken off.

Shortly after the plane took off another member of the crew came with the bassinet – I had to tell him how to install it with the safety buckles available etc. and he was very abrupt – didn’t offer a blanket or a pillow like his colleagues on the inbound flight – it was a night flight so we had to use our assigned blankets to pad out the bassinet. No instruction was given to keep BiP’s head to the opposite side of the aisle to ensure she wasn’t knocked by the trolleys – a basic safety aspect that could easily be overlooked by first time flyers.

The toys, eavesdropping and serious attitude
Every child get’s a toy on a flight right? Well, not on the Lufthansa LH 401 flight. The stewardess who came through the cabin with her tray of toys decided BiP wasn’t worthy of a toy. When we asked where her toy was she snapped “I have nothing for her age” – umm maybe let us be the decider of that? I was banking on something BiP could play with to keep her occupied other than the stash I’d brought with me. Give her a postcard, give her a puzzle, give her anything! Especially as you had a tray full of toys and I seriously doubt giving one to BiP that was not considered to be age appropriate would have led Lufthansa to bankruptcy!

She was so incredibly rude. My husband turned to me and commented on her attitude – she was clearly eavesdropping on the conversation so came back with an attitude I have never seen before in any service industry “What did you just call me?” she sniped,  “Umm nothing, I was talking to my wife” replied my husband “I heard you say something about me, you have no right to talk about me” she continued aggressively. Whoa lady! You just eavesdropped on a private conversation and then chose to jump in and ignite the situation! We were then visited by the Purser, her supervisor, who seemed to think that no toy for BiP was fine and eavesdropping equally ok. By this point we were 1.5 hrs into the flight and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife!

Sick baby and barging cabin crew
About an hour into the flight BiP started running a high fever of 39.5C/103F plus diareha etc … we were trying to take her temperature and give her some tylenol when a member of the cabin crew said “Excuse me!” My husband said “Please can you wait 10 seconds” to which he replied “NO! I can’t!” and barged past both myself and my husband knocking us both into the bassinet causing BiP to scream once again. The reason? Someone had pressed the call button for him to retrieve an empty glass. He could hear that BiP was clearly in distress and upset – 10 seconds could not have hurt but it was clearly more important to perform his waiting duties than wait for 2 tired parents to administer medication to their sick baby.

Another meeting with the Purser ensued – he again, defended the actions of his crew claiming that the children behind us were delighted with their toys and the service they’d received. Good for them. We were enraged. I’m not going to even go into detail about another member of the cabin crew who was trying to give my Gluten Free meal to another passenger who clearly stated it wasn’t his and when I said “I think that’s for me” she snapped “Will you just wait!” and 10 mins later dumped the same, now cold meal, in front on me without a word. Words cannot empahisise the tone but I can assure you that I have never spoken to someone in that tone unless I was looking for extreme retaliation!

NOT the faces of Lufthansa we experienced on LH 401 from JFK to Frankfurt on 26th May 2011

Which exit? Scarily clueless
Upon arriving at Frankfurt airport we were relived to be getting off the worst flight of our lives (both my husband and I have travelled all over the world regularly since we were just months old so this really is saying something). I enquired about where we would be able to collect BiP’s stroller from when we were met with blank faces and told “Get off the plane and ask someone” – excuse me? Usually it is either the back or the front of the plane? It’s not rocket science and this is basic information that the other crew on the previous flights knew and had informed us of prior to landing!


Fake smiles and empty gestures
After my husband gave your crew free training in how, as a service provider, you have a duty to be courteous, polite and maybe to even care about your passengers your attempts failed. They were transparently forced and annoying. It was way too late. I’m not sure if you realise that such a miserable experience cannot be remedied by 2 mins of forced empathy.

Yes, this is a rant, yes this is a complaint.  From my side this was an epic FAIL in customer service. I am not asking Lufthansa to like children or even play with them – I am fully aware that the crew on Lufthansa (LH 410) on 19th May 2011 from Munich to JFK were exceptional but I have no idea what was going on with the crew on the 26th May 2011 from JFK to Frankfurt on Lufthansa (LH 401). Perhaps it’s because this crew were specially selected to fly on the Airbus A380 – a big honour in the aviation world – maybe it’s gone their head – but if this is the pick of the crop then there is something seriously wrong.

Oh, and Lufthansa, if you read this – I am still waiting for a reply to my tweet and I’m not interested in filling out your faceless customer complaint form.

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  1. Totally horrid an inexcusable. And sadly so often the current state of travel anymore. Skip the faceless form, find the number and/or name of their head Customer Satisfaction officer (all airlines have one) and make a call or write a letter. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll get a caring response. On the rare chance you don’t I’d start the largest anti-Lufthansa campaign social networking has ever seen. Much like !

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks Kristi – I am glad that I am not the only one who was mortified! I was beginning to wonder if I was losing it. It was a comedy of errors except it really was not funny.
      Will keep you posted on what they come back with. I am planning on sending them a link to this post!

  2. Oh wow! I’m sorry you had such a horrible experience on your way back. What you describe would have made me mad too! You should definitely write a complaint to the airline!

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks Susana – terrible. So sad too because the outbound flight was impecable – so sad how one bad experience can make you hate a company! Will keep you posted on what they say when I contact them. AGAIN!

    • mummyinprovence says:

      It was horrible. Really. BiP’s fever is better but she’s still not better … she got some bug 🙁 Thanks for checking in!

  3. Hi, my first time commenting here. Bonjour, Salut et désolé.
    I felt the need to comment because what happened to you and and your family is outrageous.

    Like you, i have flown since before i could walk, and i’ve flown quite a bit with my now 3 children. I’ve had some bad, horrible experiences, but this one takes the cake.

    I’m sorry about your experience. Flying with a young child is stressful enough, but to be treated like you were on the plane, i think i would go wildly crazy. And i am usually a mild mannered woman. we still follow the old school way of getting dressed up to fly, just because we know that we will usually get treated better. But it doesn’t always work, Sometimes we are at the mercy of the flight attendants.

    i always carry my phone with me now or a camera and am ready to record such horrid experiences.. It’s paid off once or twice so far…

    ciao, Annie

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Hi Annie, Thanks for your comment (no need to apologise BTW) … I maybe should have filmed what was going on but in all honesty I was just so stunned that I wouldn’t have been able to do it! We are still very annoyed – I will be sending this to Lufthansa and keep everyone posted on the response.

  4. Ameena, that’s AWFUL! It is tough enough to travel in a car with children, much less a trans-Atlantic flight, without being made to feel like a second class citizen not worthy of decent human behavior. I hope BiP is feeling much better – bugs are the worst!

    We traveled with our newborn son (almost 8 years ago now) cross country to Portland, on 3 different planes, with him teething, me nursing every time he opened his mouth to cry, and with the exception of a rude attendant shocked at our impromptu diaper change in the seat, did not experience such horrible behavior towards us our our baby. Most people understand that while it may be uncomfortable for the adults, travel by plane for a child can be downright painful (ears, pressure, etc). Please do follow up directly with them!

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks Erica, I will be contacting Lufthansa! You are so right – travelling with babies is hard enough without having to deal with such horrible service. Will keep you posted!

  5. Oh my god, that is horrible! I am sorry that the flight back was that bad. I have had bad service too with Lufthansa, but nothing like that.

    I hope BiP is fine xxx

  6. What a terrible situation for you. As you said, parents don’t really ask for much, but some civility and empathy would go a long way. Some parents find it a stressful enough situation, especially on a long haul flight. I really feel for you and I hope you get some kind of satisfactory apology from them.

    Oddly enough, we’ve just had a lufthansa flight from Madrid to Dusseldorf and back. Flight there was fine, no issues, but on the way back my daughter’s stomach suddenly hurt and she needed to go to the toilet. They were still serving the meal and they couldn’t get passed the trolley, they were told to wait and when my husband explained the urgency (and she could have clearly seen my daughter was distressed) the stewardess rolled her eyes and huffed. We were completely shocked by her attitude over something so small, and even after we asked for a complaints form, received no apology.

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks for stopping by Clare – It does not surprise me that they were unhelpful when your daughter needed the bathroom – that is really bad. The eye roll is something we received too – I wonder if that is included in their training?

      Will keep you posted on what they come back with!

  7. I don’t even know where to start! I CANNOT believe the incompetence and rudeness of the flight crew. I already had one not so good flight experience with them, and
    I will definitely keep that in mind when we plan our trips.

    Our last trip overseas was when LilO was 5 months old and I know it can be difficult. I don’t think “special service” can be expected from some people, but common courtesy should be expected, specially since you PAY for a service.

    Agh, my legally-trained brain starts thinking about so many things, what I would say on the flight, etc.

    Shame on Lufthansa, on the hostess superiors as well. If her behavior is tolerated it’s because her superiors support it. That’s irritating.


    Sorry to hear BiP got a bug 🙁 Hope she feels better really soon.

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks MLMom, sorry you too have had a bad experience with Lufthansa – even if it does make me feel better that it wasn’t something person the crew had against my family it still enrages me that a company can be that way!

      BiP is better thanks – she gave it to me!

  8. Thanks goodness that trip is over Ameena… And be thankful that you’re husband has such a level cool head about him.

    I’m sorry this happened to you guys. Rude people make me sick.

    OK, enough of my rant!

    Love you guys!

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks for stopping by Mark – I agree that rudeness is awful – I’m sure it’s harder to be rude than polite too!

  9. Wow sounds like you ended up on a flight from hell: you sure you boarded the right one and not the one with the Svastika on the tail?

  10. Thanks god this flight is over Ameena.
    And thanks for sharing your story.
    There are many clear issues described in your post and I must admit it doesn’t really matter if this situation would happened on another flight with another company.
    I am like you both, travelling before my first step, and I can’t hide there were very bad situations, but those alike are rare.
    The configuration is such annoying that I am understanding your motivation to shout out and to look further for clear explanations.
    But it cannot continue like that, I suppose this is not the first flight of the crew and I won’t believe if they talk about “exhaustion”.
    They are not professional and you really should tell the company about this awful feedback.
    Anyway, I hope Bip feels better and found again her smile.
    All my support, -Y

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks Yael, your support means a lot!

      BiP is a bit better thanks, she is a true believer in sharing is caring so I am now sick with her bug!

  11. Hallo, I was drawn to your entry via the LH Facebook page and, quite horrified by your experience, read it through twice. As the father of two children aged under 4 I can empathise with the difficulty parents have when dealing with clueless people in the customer service industries. I agree that LH must deal with this matter, and it appears they are already in the process of doing so, or so they say.

    However, I think you have to expect the worst from people who don’t themselves have children and I imagine most F/As would fall into this category. I also think that being stuck in a seat for any long period and the inner-ear pain on take-off and landing is quite an upsetting and confusing experience for an infant child, and I don’t think it is fair on the other passengers who we can’t expect will have any empathy for us or our children if they start screaming. It is for this reason that whenever my wife and I have to take a long-distance flight (anything over 3 hours), we leave our children with my parents (however I understand that it is not really an option for some), and if for some reason they aren’t available we cancel the trip. The alternative is risking the experience you have just described.

    I hope LH are able to provide some solution, yet I doubt anything is really going to make up or such an experience. If you find yourself in a situation where you must fly with your child again, consider a more customer oriented service like Singapore Airlines.

    • mummyinprovence says:

      You are lucky to be able to leave your children behind when you go on holiday. I do not think that taking my baby on a plane warrants such treatment. Ever. If you are implying that taking a baby on a plane leaves you wide open to being yelled at, barged past, snapped at and your food dumped in front of you then there is something seriously wrong. What would you recommend? Stay in NYC until my baby was better? I don’t live there! I had to get home.

      I can assure you that we were not the only people on the flight treated with such rudeness. Thanks for the suggestions of other airlines.

  12. Christopher says:

    Solidarity, I too have encourntered the lack of customer service and indeed an entire lack of common decency and manners from Lufthansa staff. I find Frankfurt to be the most rude and unwelcoming airport I have dealt with ever.

    My negative experiences with this Air Line are too many to recount and recall and the details very much echo your experiences and in many instances are worse.

    I used to truly like Lufthansa and would use it by preference but not anymore. I have decided that after 18 years of international business and leisure travel not to use Lufthansa or Air France anymore. I find that KLM and BA are more professional and at least the staff have a measure of deceny and seem to care about their jobs. Above all the Asian airlines offer a superior service to their customers in every respect.

    The final straw for me was at Christmas when I travelled with Lufthansa from Thailand to Scotland via Frankfurt. The flight from Bangkok to Frankfurt was on a perfectly functional but ageing 747. Boarding was chaos and the cabin crew lacked professionalism and were rude and indifferent. An Australian lady was travelling with her disabled child and I witnessed rudeness and indifference from 3 Lufthansa cabin crew. A group of rowdy French speaking teenagers were drunk and constantly provided alcohol from the cabin crew. The food was cold and like plastic and the toilets dirty. Arrival into Frankfurt was horrid too with NO assistance. The distressed Australian woman was ignored by uniformed Lufthansa staff and other passengers were left to help her. Moreover, there were other issues too. With heavy snow in the UK many flights to the UK were cancelled or delayed. A queue wound its way for almost the length of the terminal with only 2 staff in operation. It was madness. I was rudely spoken to by several Lufthansa staff and generally treated in an abrupt and dismissive manner. It was like a nightmare. I was unable to fly to Scotland as scheduled and 2 days later I managed to fly to London. The cabin crew were exceptionally rude towards an elderly South African lady who asked for help with her immigration papers. The flight attendant said “Its not my problem”. This sums up Lufthansa in 2011. I have still not had any reply to my complaints to this airline and won’t use them again.

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Wow Christopher! Thank you for sharing. What a terrible experience! I am very disappointed that you have not received a response from Lufthansa – that is really awful.
      I have to agree with you about Frankfurt Airport too but was just the icing on the cake during our transit.

      Thank you for sharing – I hope that you get a response from Lufthansa and please let me know if you do!

  13. Carlos Krueger says:

    Wow …What a flight of a story….I hope all is well with your child….It must have been hell…I wonder if things at Lufthansa are alright..?…I like LH….Yes at times you can get the odd case of ill service…..But I can remember when Lufthansa was good and friendly…My Father worked for them back in the days…60’s to 1980’s…And to him those were better days….And I can recall those as well…And I’m not trying to sell the image of my Dad because he worked for them….The thing was that he cared for People…And he made quiet a few good friends….He did his best to make sure the Passenger got his seat…!!..Perhaps now with ALL the changes to new rules and regulations at LH…I guess the pressure is Turned up ..A bit too much on the Arrogant side and rudeness….And with the A380 in the heads….But I can’t believe that would have been Lufthansa doing that to you….Perhaps the times have really changed for the worst….And I wanted to work for them….Makes me feel bad for the Airline…I wonder what side of the bed did they wake up on…This crew from Hell…Or maybe they are a Stasi police force..?!..Take-Care…My condolences….

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks Carlos, your comment made me smile! We had 2 very different experiences with Lufthansa which makes me think there was something wrong with the crew on the A380. Sadly customers are unforgiving and it only takes one bad experience to make a person consider never using them again. We live in a world of choice and fierce competition – you’d think that the service would be better today than ever before. It seems not.

  14. Excellent report which reflects my experiences. Sometimes LH people are great – friendly, helpful… but then there are crew members who seem to hate passengers. Unfortunately, LH seems to tolerate this, maybe they want to preserve their image as being arrogant and rude that they already had 20 years ago for the next 100 years…. ?

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks for sharing Steve. Yes, our outbound flight with Lufthansa was exceptional – the crew were delightful but the return was abysmal.
      It’s true that if the management support such behaviour it becomes inbedded in the company culture and it will be tolerated to roll your eyes, snap at, and shove past passengers.
      Who know’s what their aim is with regards to attitudes!

  15. Henry Magney says:

    There is always a reason to complain. If you travel with children it’s not to get toys. I love Lufthansa and this story appears very special. Some people also behave with the crew in a way that they better do not do behave as such with me.

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Not really sure what you are implying Henry – I can assure you that our actions certainly did not warrant such treatment. Why would the crew on the previous flight with the same company be so, incredibly, nice we were rude people?

      Yes, it is true, human nature is to complain before you praise – that is just how we are wired. When you work in the service industry basic manners and politeness is a pre-requisite and is not asking too much.

  16. Henry Magney says:

    I’m asking myself if some competitors of Lufthansa do not ask(pay) people to make bad comments on Lufthansa… I never see a date, a name of incidents etc…

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Haha! I wish! If my post was sponsored WHICH airline have I said was better? Out of Lufthansa’s 100’s of competitors the notion that someone paid me to write it is simply absurd.

      BTW – Flight number, date and plane model all clearly listed in my post LH 401 from JFK to Frankfurt on 26th May 2011 and it was an A380. I am even happy to provide my seat numbers to Lufthansa when they contact me.

      SO – do you work for Lufthansa?

      • FunMaster says:

        No I do not work for Lufthansa, the service level would be lower :-). Airliners should have some flights Children not allowed. One day no one could sleep because of 1 child. My parents travelled with me when I was old enough to travel. I NEVER had any problem with Lufthansa and I will continue fly with them. Find a better service except in private jets.

        • mummyinprovence says:

          Yes I agree – maybe some flights should be children free BUT this is NOT the case. If we were treated so badly BECAUSE we had a baby then that is SHAME on Lufthansa.

          Just because you never had a problem does not mean that there are holes in the level of service. I am not exaggerating, I did not have unrealistic expectations – actually on the contrary – we wanted a quiet flight with all the basics provided with the basic level of courtesy one human being gives to another and they failed.

          • FunMaster says:

            You had a bad luck… Maybe your expectations do not the ones of Lufthansa? Nobody’perfect even not Lufthansa’staff. You had a safe fligth I presume, in my opinion: much fuzz about nothing.

  17. Aleksandra says:

    What was that flight no? When it happened? It seems like you all are blowing to the same horn. So what if they did not jump on after your first look? You have said it yourself, that You were on the ground for next hour and half , so what’s the hurry?? It is pretty easy to trash all cabin crews like this, and company as well. Why do You expect that anybody else will have time and good will to take over Your child if You do not do so in the first place? If you are not sorry to carry such a small baby around half globe , why should they ? Other passengers also payed the ticket for that flight, and they also want to travel in peace. And You probably never asked Yourself how many egocentric moms they have on every flight, and yes there is a rule that when You are in a plane that You should sit down, and not to walk around. And if You do not do so, they should look at You as a dangerous passenger. It is obvious that You do not have a clue about everyday procedures they have to do before You even enter the plane. And how that work is very responsible. Sometimes it is more important for them to do all check ups , than to take care not to hurt Your feelings. If they are not left to do their job, then all passengers will be at risk. Next time use Your brain and stop for a second to think before You get so spoiled as traveler. And btw, Lufthansa is one great company.

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Hi Aleksandra,
      It seems you think I am wrong because I chose to travel with my child around half the globe? I am not sure how that dispenses them from being polite and courteous to me. The last time I checked LH accepted children (I actually paid for her even though she had no seat or meal).

      I didn’t walk around as you mentioned, I followed the fasten seat belt signs and thank you for reminding me to use my brain. 🙂
      I will make sure I do use my brain next time, silly me for thinking LH actually cared about the well being of their passengers.

      May I ask you one question do you work for LH?

      BTW – the flight number is clearly mentioned with dates in my post LH 401 from JFK to Frankfurt on 26th May 2011 and it was an A380.

  18. And people wonder why sometimes people flip out on flights! That was extremely dangerous of them. They didn’t know you. Didn’t know if you were emotionally or mentally stable or suffer from flight panic. I am frankly DISGUSTED!

    I’ve never had problems with Lufthansa myself, I have flown several times with them. I wonder if it was because it was a night flight? I’ve always flown morning or noon flights myself as I find people in general easier to deal with during those hours. I have no idea. But either way, it’s no excuse. At all.

    Please let me know what you find out. As they and Polish LOT are my preferred airlines to fly, I will be interested in hearing what happens.

    And the resolution will decide whether I fly with Lufthansa again, since I also fly with children, and for that matter, TWO children, each with their own seat. Usually by myself. I would not fly with an airline who treats children and their parents like that.

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks – will keep you posted on the response for sure. It’s sad because the bad experience really was so bad that it cancelled out the efforts from the first crew as far as the brand experience was concerned.

      I really don’t think we were treated so badly because we had a baby – at least I hope not.

  19. And I also think it’s very strange you are getting comments from people who are acting like you are overreacting, people who I don’t recall ever seeing commenting on your blog before.

    I support you, myself. Although I’ve never met you, I have certainly interacted a lot with you through Social Media enough to get a good idea about your personality and I think you come across as a very patient courteous person. Wishing you good luck and glad that BiP is feeling better.

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Me too! Weird – had a few trolls that’s for sure!

      Thanks for your support! Means a lot!

  20. I’ve been flying since I was 3 months old, and am horrified for you!
    Yes, it’s difficult to fly with kids, and whilst I know it’s not fun to have a screaming baby in the seat next to you, I’ve flown with my own children, the children I’ve nannied for, and friends children, and believe me, it’s even harder for the parents/carers, specially on long haul flights.
    I cannot believe some of the idiotic suggestions that parents shouldn’t fly with their children, or leave them at home? Um, my In Laws live in South Africa, and my MIL is too frail to travel often, so I guess she won’t see her Grandchildren until they’re adolescents then, if we shouldn’t travel with them, or should leave them at home??
    You no doubt paid a fair amount for the tickets, and basic customer service and politeness, and help to set up the fly cot, would be expected. No, parents shouldn’t get special treatment, but a little bit of patience and graciousness goes a long way. I hope you get some satisfaction when you do manage to get hold of someone and your complaint is taken seriously.
    I won’t fly TAP ever again (Portuguese airlines, apalling service the 2x I’ve flow via Mozamique to SA with them) and American Airlines didn’t win any stars from us, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Quantas and BA, and even SAA are excellent.
    Do let us know what happens and what their customer services say? It also may be worth an e-mail to the CAA, particularly to point out that the staff weren’t prepared to help you with the set up of the bassinet (a major safety no-no) and also with a sick baby, (what if she’d been really ill and needed medical help??)

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience Karen – yes, travelling with children is hard enough without being treated badly. I can assure you that when BiP was crying I felt worse than anyone else on the plane for it – I did everything in my power to stop her and usually succeeded within seconds.

      I will keep you posted on the outcome.

  21. tenacious says:

    I’am shocked by the treatment you had coming over from JFK.
    I*am a Lufthansa F/A and I can assure you I have never experienced anything like you have just described.

    I do have children and many F/A have children ( this to the person who wrote about the most horribkle people who donot have children), however changing diapers in the seat is a definite nogo. There are other people in the plane , some of them get annoyed by children and one has to try and comply.

    It is amazing however , how suddenly everyone has had the same bad experience , no one has had a good one.

    So sad. As I said, I truely feel sorry for ur experience, hope ur baby is fine and that this experience will not have you judge everyone dedicated flying for Lufthansa

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thank you for your insight – I do not doubt that many of the F/A’s on LH flights are polite and courteous. As I said in my post, our outbound flight was exceptional. Everything was perfect but sadly the return was abysmal.

      It only takes one person to tarnish a brand sadly. I do look forward to hearing what the Head Office has to say about this.

  22. Hey Ameena, OMG what a nightmare for you guys! If i was you I would not stop until you get at the very least a apology letter from the top! You chose to fly with them and they should be grateful there are plenty of airlines with great service I would take them next time and make that clear to these rude people that as a company it only takes one person to tarnish the name…
    Hope you and BIP are feeling better 🙂

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks Lou, it is so true that it only takes one person (albeit 3-4 in this case) to tarnish a reputation. Will keep you posted on what they say.

  23. Emma Jones says:

    Why is it so hard to find good customer service these days? Is it too much to ask for someone to have a pleasant and polite demeanour, to use a little empathy and kindness and to exercise by far the toughest skill of all, patience? When did it become acceptable to be rude to your customers, ever???
    I have spent almost 20 years in customer services and have my customer service skills tested everyday. It isn’t always easy and I often wonder what I did in a previous life to deserve my calling but I treat every customer with care and respect. I’m frequently disappointed with the general lack of customer service around these days but you should be forgiven for expecting flight attendants to display impeccable customer service. The only way to change the appalling behaviour displayed by this team is to complain, a lot. If Lufthansa are not interested, then shame on them. Take your custom elsewhere.

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Tell me about it! Care and respect should be a given, not a luxury!

  24. What an awful experience! I’ve often said that companies who don’t want to serve parents/families should make that policy clear. However, taking your money & then delivering sub-standard service is unacceptable. I hope BiP feels better soon.

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks Ani … you are so right!
      BiP is better! She gave it to me!

  25. euroflyer says:

    Hm, sadly such comments are always only posted on the web in case of bad experience … I wonder if you would have posted a report on your – as you say yourself – perfect experience with LH on the inbound flight from MUC to JFK as well? Probably not. And of course it is always easy to post a report on bad experience, close to zero chance for ‘the other side’ the cabin crew to give their view. I have had my number of flights as well (> 1,000 in the past 10 years) and I of course have experienced rude cabin and ground crew as well (surprisingly from LH as well as from BA, AF, IB, SK, … …), but I also had my experiences with rude pax starting to argue with the crew about each and everything and expecting first class treatment for themselves – while flying in eco – at moments of time when the crew clearly was engaged with helping / working with other pax. You can always have everything and it does not depend on the airline you fly with in my experience, maybe except for a very few Asian carriers … But of course LH should come back to you after they have checked the facts on their side.

  26. MrsCupcake79 says:

    Oh dear Lord, that sounds awful! We took The Boy to Turkey in April and, although it was a chartered flight, we received excellent service. I hope that LH will be responding positively to your complaint and BiP has fully recovered. x

  27. It’s very clear from the comments you have received, who has visited your blog before and who understands what it is about and what type of person you are. It is also CRYSTAL clear those who have not.
    Parents travelling with children don’t expect special treatment, they just expect the same decency as every other person on board. We all have requirements as a passenger and when working with the public it is surely part of the job description to be aware and try and meet those needs!!
    Yes, being in a confined space with a crying child isn’t pleasant for anyone, but for the child and parents it’s absolutely horrific.
    Well done for getting through it and for sharing.
    Sorry BiP is so generous and has given you her bug, get better soon.

    • mummyinprovence says:

      You are so right Fee! I am kinda pleased that this post pulled some lurkers out of the woodwork but some are just plain randoms who will never be back!

  28. I DO normally enjoy your blog but please may I have a minute to comment on two of your recent posts. The first observation concerns your return flight from USA. Anyone who reads your blog regularly as I do would have found it quite invaluable concerning life as a new mum – however (and this is only my observation)can I ask if you were maybe ‘overtired’? Flight attendants have a very responsible job to do and other passengers to consider. You (un usually) came across as carrying on as a spoilt child would when you were not given 100% of their attention. IM sure this was not the case but I do wonder why you thought you should be put before the many other jobs and passengers the F/As have to deal with. The second observation concerns your trip to Ikea. France must be very relieved and happy that you (as a NEW mother) are around as you know EVERYTHING about bringing up children ….. not only your own but everybody elses as well!!
    Come on MiP get back to your usual self and forget your new self importance.

    • mummyinprovence says:

      Thanks Daisy for your comments – it’s interesting how this is the first time you have commented! I am thrilled! Even it is my “new self importance” that has prompted you to do so! It would be nice if you’d comment on the posts you enjoyed and found useful too because I am sure that others would find your insight interesting.

      Just to clarify I never claim to know everything about anything – that is the whole thing about this blog! Both the posts you mention clearly say they are a rant, they are not dressed up to be anything else. The issue you mention on the flight with the F/A seems to be misunderstood – I didn’t ask the F/A to put me or us first at all, what I complained about was how the F/A couldn’t wait for us to move out of the way to let him pass and he pushed through knocking us … that is NOT normal behaviour anywhere.

      Thanks for your comments – at the end of the day my posts are 100% mine – skip the parts you don’t like!

  29. Hello Ameena,

    I have been flying since I was 6 months of age and NEVER have I seen this kind of service.

    I now have a 2 yr old and have flown with her several times internationally. What amazes me is how different airlines can be from one another for a relatively standard fare… fly in a tube for 7-8 hours.

    Here’s a completely different picture.

    The first time we flew with my daughter (2 and a half months then) it was on Korean Airlines (Seattle to Seoul). She slept most of the way, but the couple next to us weren’t so lucky. Their baby cried most of the time. Can you imagine three flight attendants at their beck and call for anything they needed??? One even took a magazine and fanned it, when she saw the mother sweating!

    They even kept checking with us to see if my daughter was bothered, and gave us 3 toys if she woke up.

    At the airport, they provided us with a feeding room when we asked if there was a private area, and when our voltage converter did not work, they let us borrow one. THIS is service.

    I have flown with them 4 times since then, and every single time the exact same service, extremely helpful, polite and courteous.

    Lufthansa! It can be done better, maybe you can learn from some other airlines. A few to get you started – Korean Airlines, Emirates, Qatar, Singapore Airlines… AND IT DOESN’T COST MORE!

    • Ameena Falchetto says:

      I’ve been flying all my life and never had such an experience. Thanks for sharing yours

  30. Debbie Travis says:

    Lufthansa lost our luggage on a flight from Frankfurt to Philadelphia 7 days ago. The baggage office in Philadelphia has an answering machine. No One has called. Our luggage is at the hotel that was our interim stay. It arrived the day after we left. All Lufthansa needs to do is call FED EX and have my bags picked up.No response from them. The worst worst worst airline in the world

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